Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Five

 1. Snow on the Mountains  The first snow of the season in Georgia. Most was on the mountains and ridges but we had a dusting at Grimmwood.  This photo was taken by Marvin and it is a view of the mountains from the end of our driveway.

2. Me and Margaret   Since Margaret turned 11 I had to share a picture of the two of us.  Sweet and smart Girlie.

3. Marvin and the Moose  Amelia gifted Marvin the mug seen in the movie, Christmas Vacation so he had me snap this photo of him drinking some eggnog by the tree. All that is missing is Cousin Eddie.

4. Green Willow Soap  While in Georgia we made a trip to Ellijay to pick up Apple pies, cider and soap.  This Christmas Flannel smells so good.    Christmas Magic is a new scent I had to try.

5. Music Books.  My sister, Kristi, gifted me these old music books she found while cleaning out some closets. I plan to use them for crafts. We think our mother got them from the school where she subbed a lot back in the day.  Schools just tossed out books and who ever wanted them was free to take them. Kristi told me that Fireside Book of Folk Songs in good condition is bringing about $50 on Ebay.   But what was interesting to me was the fact that The Music Hour book was once used by my dear friend, Linda, when she was at student at Chatsworth Elementary.  What a conicidence. I had to share that with her and promised if I used that book for a craft I would make something for her from its pages.


Sandy said...

I love old books, but I wouldn't be able to cut them. That is great idea though. I am just obsessed with them.
You and Margaret are precious and Marvin is quite dapper with his eggnog. Cool weather arrived here as well, but no snow thankfully. I think it is so pretty in a picture on top of mountains. I am in such need to visit Auburn. We have been so tied up lately that it has been few and far between visits. I hope to go and stay a whole week in January.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Your Margaret reminds me of my #2 who is also Margaret. Great pic. Have a great weekend, Arlene.

Carol said...

The mountains down your way are so very lovely, Arlene! They look so pretty with their frosting of snow, too. Happy Birthday to Miss Margaret! And how neat that your good friend once used that music book. I'll look forward to seeing how you use these in your crafts :)

Georgia said...

Good morning Arlene, I absolutely loved your post today. The picture of you and Margaret is priceless, and Marvin brought laughter to my day. I can only imagine the smell of the soap. As for the books,I never really thought about what the schools do with old books and in all honesty to find the old music books has to be a treasure indeed. I have saved an old hymnal from our Church, when they got new ones. And, I think I have a couple of very old McGuffey readers, that belonged to my parents. But music books from school,no. They must be wonderful to look at, they (i'm sure) would have some of the old songs that are forbidden in the schools these days. All a precious part of history. Thank you so much for sharing and Marvin really did make me laugh! Have a blessed day my friend.

Robin in Virginia said...

Marvin sure looks dapper with his mug of eggnog by the tree. Love the picture of you and Margaret; happy birthday wishes to her. What a beautiful photo of the mountain dusted with snow. Happy Friday, Arlene!

Terri D said...

WHat fun getting those old music books!! Awesome! I LOVE the picture of your Marvin with the moose cup and had to chuckle about cousin Eddie!! Enjoyed your post so much!!

Mari said...

Pretty mountains! How can Margaret be 11? She's growing up too fast, as they all tend to do.
Nice photo of Marvin!
I would love the old books, but like some of the others would have a hard time cutting them!