Friday, December 11, 2020

Friday Five

 1. An Irish Photo

 A friend who lives in Ireland shared this photo with me this week. I think Ireland must be one of the most beautiful places. I guess it is my Irish heritage that calls to me from this picture.

2. Pecans

  Our good friend, Barry, picked up Pecans while he was in Georgia over Thanksgiving. They were on the ground at the home of his son and no one was picking them up so Barry brought home quite the treasure. He shared some of them with us. He even took them to the co op to be cracked. That is a true friend. 

3. Christmas ornaments

 My sweet Brother in Law, William, took home a few fence posts that Bruce had discarded when a new fence went in over the summer.  Well knowing our Daddy's posts meant a lot to me and my sisters, William lathed these ornaments for us. There are enough for the three sisters and all the grandchildren. He put hooks in the end and I am adding a pretty ribbon as a hanger. 

4. Baby in a Basket

   Can there be Too Much of Joshua??? Nana thinks not.

5.Advice from a Southerner. 

 Yes we hear it all the time. You Southerners do not know how to drive in snow. Well no we do not as we have it so seldom we do not have equipment to clear the roads.  Marvin and I laugh when we see cars off the road in northern states during the winter. "Look, another Southerner is making problems up north!!"  I don't think anyone can drive on ice or frozen slush. Cars like to spin around in that mess.  So stop making fun of us for staying home when it snows. It is usually gone by the next day and we are on our way again.   


Sandy said...

Such a Good Friday 5. I think those wooden fence posts creations could be used for a multitude of decorations. How cute in just a dough bowl. That was a great idea to make something with them. IT gives a little piece of something you know your dad put lots on hands on time in. Little Joshua is so cute. You can never have too many pictures of him. Mother wanted to go so bad last week to Range to pick up pecans. My aunt made the mistake of saying there was a tree loaded in the back pasture and no one was getting them. I was going to take her this week on Tuesday, but she talked my aunt who lives in Dothan in to coming down and they were going to go up and get them last weekend when we got the call that another distant relative has Covid. He lives right down the lane and my aunt talked her out of going. I always swore I was Irish but when my DNA test came back there wasn't a lick of Irish...Scots and English. Now, I peruse videos of Scotland:) I laugh at myself. And no we can't drive in snow at all. Although Jeff did a great job a couple of years ago when we were coming back from Huntsville and I felt like we were in a snow globe in the truck. I am really not a snow person at all. I left that behind with my youthful body I suppose.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

The ornaments are a special treasure for sure. And all those pecans - can certainly be used this time of the year.
As for us folks down south, we are wise and stay home when all the snow and ice comes our way. and you are right, there is never enough of Joshua!

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, I love the graphic you ended your post with. The picture of Joshua in the basket is darling. What a gorgeous photo of Ireland your friend sent you. How thoughtful to turn the posts from the fence into ornaments for you, your sisters and the grandchildren. Happy Friday!

Georgia said...

Arlene, you really brought a smile to my day! Joshua is absolutely adorable:) I have some Irish Roots too, my grandmother was Irish. Pecans have pie written all over them. I make my husband a pecan pie every Christmas. And, believe it or not a Pecan Pie is one of the easiest to fix. Now, I really have to laugh about driving in the snow (I hate it!) My youngest daughter left Ohio when she went to college in upstate New York. Their snow is worse than ours. However, after she graduated she moved to Virginia Beach, to get away from the snow. She says the same thing, they just don't know how to drive in the snow. Not having the salt and snow plows. In Ohio...we just call them Michigan drivers:) Michigan cancelled our rival OSU football game this weekend (due to covid). I am going to send your picture about Southern Drivers to my daughter, and son in Florida. Thank you so much you really brought a smile to my day:)

Carol said...

Oh, fresh pecans--how wonderful! I usually make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but skipped it this year... Maybe I'll make one for Christmas :) The lathed posts are so special--how thoughtful of your brother-in-law to make those for you and your sisters, Arlene! And no--never too much of that cutie Joshua! Enjoy your weekend ♥

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's funny about the snow! But it's SO true! I hated driving in it in the mts of NC and avoided it when I could...which was most of the time. lol Love all the interesting things you've shown today. I like reading your number things! holiday hugs!

GrammaGrits said...

Love the ornaments - how special!

Being a Southern girl but living away for almost 50 years, I still have MANY comments made about my accent, which Southerners think I've lost. I say I'm now an accent without a home. So thankful for my Southern roots - good folks, good food, and beautiful place. Call the Pacific NW home now as kids and grands are here. Favorite place we ever lived - western Colorado!

Mari said...

I don't have Irish heritage but I think it is so beautiful there! I have a cousin who married an Irish Pastor and lives there.
The ornaments are just beautiful and I know you will treasure them because of the heritage they share. I just showed them to my woodworking husband and he thought they were awesome.
Cute Joshua!
This northerner is not a fan of driving in snow.
Thanks for the card - it arrived today!

Terri D said...

A very cute cartoon!! Never too much of Joshua. He is adorable! Those ornaments made from your family treasures are so great!! What a wonderful way to use those discarded but very special fence posts!! Yum to those fresh pecans! Your Irish blood stirred and so did mine when I saw that lovely photo!! I enjoyed your post, Arlene!!

Rian said...

Love that picture of Ireland!

Gina said...

Sweet Joshua! I remember when mine was that small. I wonder if you will get snow this week. We are due for a big storm I believe Wednesday and Thursday. Love the Ireland picture. I'd love to visit there one day.