Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday Five

 1. Cracker Barrel Christmas Tree

We had dinner at Cracker Barrel with our friends, the Gosnells on Sunday evening. What a beautiful tree...all the oldtimey vibes.

2.Ben and Katy

Ben and Katy had a lovely Christmas outing thanks to their neighborhood HOA. Carriage rides, a visit with  Santa and all the family, including Baylor man had a lovely time. It is a red letter day when their whole family gets to enjoy something together.

3.Bee Gift number one 

My sweet neighbor Janet, got this sign for us to hang up at Grimmwood. We have fingers crossed that our one little hive will make it through the winter.

4. Bee Gift number two

My dear friend, Linda, got me this pretty napkin holder for Christmas. I decided to use it as a paper plate holder as we use paper plates most of the time at Grimmwood. It is perfect and I can keep up with the number of plates on hand. I will not run out again, hopefully!

5. Geese on the pond

Marvin caught this picture of our four feathered visitors. Two regularly come to the pond so we were surprised to see four swimming together. Our original pair was named Heathcliff and Gertrude( the Red Skelton show)so now we must come up with two more names. Maybe Rhett and Scarlett?


Preppy Empty Nester said...

Love your pics, Arlene. I'm a big fan of Cracker Barrel. Have a great weekend!

Barbara said...

Arlene, a photo tour of your place is like walking thru a favorite gift shop except better because it's your HOME where memories are made. Wishing you a warm and cozy Christmas!

Georgia said...

You know Arlene, you are dating yourself with the Red Skelton Show. I loved that show. You not only brought a smile to my day, you brought a chuckle too:) I always enjoy your CB and family pictures. Great pic of Baylor. I really liked you idea for using a napkin holder to hold paper plates. Thank you so much for sharing, your post as always is delightful.

Robin in Virginia said...

The Cracker Barrel tree looks great; thank you for sharing it, Arlene. Since our retreats were canceled, I haven't been inside a Cracker Barrel since February. So happy that Baylor enjoyed the neighborhood festivities. What lovely bee items you were gifted! The picture of the geese is fabulous. Happy Friday!

Linda said...

I love that pic of the geese! There's three at the ranch but I never thought about naming them. Sherry has named all the goats, though. I can't even remember the horse's names so I sure don't know the goats!
I love Cracker Barrel. Next year I am using bigger lights on our big tree.

Terri D said...

Great photos! Love your "bee" gifts and have my fingers crossed for your beehive to make it through the winter! I love the idea to use the napkin holder for paper plates. We use a lot of them here, too! Happy weekend!

Sandy said...

That is a sweet picture of Katy and Baylor.
I like Scarlet and Rhett for the new geese.
Foothill Farms cross stitch looks so good there.

Mari said...

I like Rhett and Scarlet, and that photo too.
Using the napkin holder as a paper plate holder is a brilliant idea! Cute bee gifts and cute family shots too!