Monday, December 14, 2020

Hodge Podge

 A few pictures on my phone that I have been meaning to share here at Nanaland. It truly is a Hodge Podge....rather like a photo stream.

Audrey received a Fact Fabulous T Shirt from her Principal for Mad Math Skills. And this was a red letter week in the Canton Grimm household as Charles was promoted to Assistant Professor at Georgia Highlands College. 

I made some Baked Oatmeal for supper this week. I served it with sausage and grapes. It was delish.


This Poem was shared on my Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Facebook page and I wanted to share it. Georgia Baptist Nurses and Georgia Tech men have a mutual admiration society. Many of my nursing school friends are married to a Ramblin Reck from Georgia Tech.

And two memes caught my attention this week.

This is me.....only its about 40 plus years of decisions. When I was living under my parents roof they made the decisions. Imagine that.:)

This is also me....only now it is Grandpa who is surprised.


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, I totally enjoyed your Hodge Podge photo stream this morning. Congratulations to both Audrey and Charles! Thank you for sharing the poem from the FB page. Happy Monday!

Sandy said...

I totally love that last one, but I have to say it doesn't fit Jeff. I know many that it does fit though. Jeff is actually a way better gift giver than me and much more creative. I think a good nurse is to be revered as well. They can make a bad situation a whole lot better. I know many who are just at home that are called on. When Paul Allen was really little he fell into the bricks on a hearth and had to have stitches. The older kids were sent across the street to get the retired nurse. She had everything under control by the time I arrived to take him to get his stitches. Congratulations to Charles and Audrey.

Terri D said...

Wow! Congrats to Charles, and to sweet Audrey!! Awesome! That is a cute tribute you came across! Love the last two sayings/cartoons! Have a good week!! xo

Gina said...

Congrats to Audrey and Charles! And I love the baby Yoda meme! So true!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Congratulations to Audrey and Charles. I enjoyed your Hodge Podge but always like what you post. Hope your Monday has been a good day.

Mari said...

Hooray for Audrey and Charles too!
The poem is fun, the sleeping is me and that meme is too true!

Linda said...

How FUN!! Baked oatmeal??? I never! I need to know more about this!

Carol said...

Congratulations to your sweet Audrey and to your son! So happy for them... Baked oatmeal is something I've never heard of, but it sounds tasty. And that last meme with Baby Yoda is SO, SO true--loved it :)