Saturday, December 5, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Not a lot of stitching was done this week. I took two projects to Grimmwood but forgot to take a q snap! I thought I had one there but alas I did not. So frustrating. 

I did get two new starts before we left for Georgia.

A Valentine House by Waxing Moon Designs.  I am using my Always Needleminder from Brenda's Minders and More. The perfect needle minder for a Valentines piece  You can see how I use my magnifier on my q snap. It saves my eyes for sure.

And my January Word Play by Brenda Gervais.  Charlie Brown is watching over the proceedings. I turned the blue bird charted to a cardinal. January is when we see many of those beautiful birds in our area.

I also took advantage of a sale at Jen's Stitching Niche on ETSY. She had a good Black Friday Sale. 

The Easter chart by Shannon Christine is just so cute.

So did Fat Quarter Shop!  They even included a free bottle of sew Fresh Hand sanitizer.

 And sweet Cathy Roginella at Inspired Needle is going to send me a piece of fabric for Winter Rose Manor.  The called for Brenda's Brew is hard to find and Cathy shared that she had some fabric that would be a good replacement. I am not a purist about stitching the design on the called for fabric. Many of those fabrics are hard to obtain and cost a pretty penny. IMHO, as long as your stitches show up nicely and do not clash with the fabric I am okay with that.  I have always thought that the stitches should be the star of the show. While I like some of the colored and mottled fabrics, you cannot go wrong with a nice neutral. 

I want to apologize for the pictures today...not the best but I have having issues uploading my photos from my mac book to the blog and Facebook. I have to use my phone to add the photos and we all know how hard it is to do a blog on a phone. That seems to be my only option. I am hoping it is a temporary glitch. I have googled and fiddled with settings to no avail. If anyone has any words of wisdom I will be glad to hear them!

When I opened my mail on Thursday guess who I had a holiday card from? Jenny, the Long Dawg Stitcher on Floss Tube. She was one of the ladies who shared my table at the Winter Retreat in Huntsville last year that was hosted by Katrina Boyd.  

I also had a sweet card from Dena  of Half Stitch Cross Stitch.  The stitching community is very sweet and gracious. I may steal Jenny's idea for the needlework card next year to send to my blog and stitchy friends. 


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You found some good places to get things you want or need. It is always nice to receive a card from a friend. Have a good weekend - no snow!

Mary said...

Arlene, How disappointing you didn't have a qsnap. I cannot stitch in hand although I have tried. A friend gave me a large stand and with a new ott lot and 18 count aida I started to stitch again. The light really helps. I ordered the Winter Rose manor pattern and fabric, it will be a 2021 stitch. ( maybe we should have a stitchalong?) I love all the word plays, great start on yours.

Georgia said...

Arlene, you have an overwhelming number of patterns, I think you may have to adjust your plans for 2021 a little:) I have a question...How do you store your pattern/stash. My cup runneth over:) I have patterns on this shelf, in this tub, in baskets, in a teddy bear tin. And all over the bed in the extra bedroom. Sometimes I know I have a pattern for this or that, but then I am not sure where where to find it. OK, that one was in a shoe box, sitting in a tub:) This would be an amusing children's book, if it weren't so true. You and yours have a blessed weekend by friend.

Sandy said...

Blogger seems to have a never ending run of problems these days. I feel ya.
Your purchases are all pretty and what a great idea for a card for stitching friends.

Carol said...

That must have been frustrating not to be able to stitch, Arlene! That happened once to me when on a trip and I forgot my needle! Can't very well stitch without one :) You got some lovely new stash and that fabric your ordered from The Inspired Needle sounds great. I, too, don't really care about ordering the "perfect" fabric. I am much happier with neutrals most of the time as I think those busier overdyed fabrics just detract from our stitching.

Blogger--ugh! Having issues with several things and I've had to call my computer guru (my oldest son) in to help me. Hope he can fix things. I feel like it is getting harder and harder to just write a simple post!
Enjoy your weekend ♥

Terri D said...

It is always fun seeing your projects!! Beautiful work and some fun projects coming!!

Robin in Virginia said...

What fun projects you started and those needle minders are adorable! Perhaps you could keep a stitching sundries bag (spare Q-snap, extra needles, scissors, extra magnifier) at Grimmwood. I actually have spare 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 Q-snaps in my "retreat" tote and my stitch group bag. Just a thought! Happy Sunday, Arlene!