Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday Stitching

As Christmas approaches, my stitching time has been limited. As of yesterday, I believe I am finished with all my are under the tree and now I can breathe a bit more easily. 

I got a Christmas surprise this week. My sweet reader, Miriam who is from the Big State of Texas sent me a pair of scissors with the Texas Blue Bonnets  scattered across the snips.  Thank you so much Miriam, when I use them I will think of you. 

Another surprise was the release of Winds of Autumn by Blackbird Designs. Well I can see that my plans to stitch on what I have in my stash have flown out the window.  Thankfully the Needlework Market will not be held until May this year so maybe I will not be too tempted until my birthday month. 

My rotation now consists of two days of work on each project in turn. I started with Two Red Houses by Little House Needlework.

Then I moved on to Alas by Lindy Stitches. I got all the words done now to complete the borders.

And finally I worked on Easter Parade. This one will be done in time to display it at Easter 2021. 

Last night I started working on Feast of Friendship and I think it is just my favorite piece of stitching as it is so pretty with the vibrant colors of floss to keep me interested. 

A couple of questions to answer....

Georgia asked how I store my charts. Well I have one of those plastic file boxes that really is not very big. I have the charts sorted by Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Farm charts, Christmas ornaments and last but not least, all my Prairie Schooler chartss. I routinely go through my file to see what I might be able to donate to North Alabama Stitchers for their door prizes and sometimes I do a give away here at Nanaland. I am trying to be realistic about what I want to stitch. BlackBird Designs is my new favorite where I used to really enjoy Plum Street. I seem to change my tastes regularly. I was sharing with my friend, Meg, that I have come to like samplers. I have a lot of pillows for my dough bowls and how many seasonal things do you really NEED?  I do plan to stitch a few more farm related designs for Grimmwood however.  And as I type this I am thinking, oh well, I will probably have to eat these words.:)

Robin was very sad that I did not get any stitching done at Grimmwood on our last visit due to a lack of a q snap. Oh I was very sad too. Robin suggested having a stitching bag that stayed at Grimmwood. Well Robin with a red face I must say that I do have a bag I leave at Grimmwood but I only had one q snap in it and I took it home with me by mistake. Now I am taking three q snaps to Grimmwood and hopefully I will not have that problem again. 

Our North Alabama Stitchers Thanksgiving exchange was so fun that we are doing one called Stitchy Love for Valentines Day. I have been busy looking for a small project that meets my partners desires. She said she loves Red and Prairie Schooler...likes the Prim style most of all. I think I found the perfect chart on ETSY and it is a digital download so I plan to get started on that project soon.  These little exchanges have been mood lifters in this covid year. 

I will be back next Saturday but I do plan to take a blog break from Dec 21 to 31.  Its good to pull away from the computer to enjoy the season with the family. You can be sure I will have lots of pictures to share when I return in the New Year.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Not being a 'stitcher', most of the time I dont know what you are talking about but I do love seeing your work. Have a good Saturday. We have rain and you might too.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your WIPs are looking good, Arlene. What pretty scissors you were gifted! Exchanges are so much fun; look forward to seeing what you decide on and stitch for this exchange. Happy Saturday!

Terri D said...

Like Linda, I am not a stitcher and don't always know what you are talking about here but I DO know that your projects are all lovely!! Those little scissors are so cute!! What a nice surprise for you!! Happy weekend!!

Visits With Mary said...

Love the scissors, wonderful gift from Texas!

Sandy said...

Late popping in today but your stitches all look great and I think we have the prerogative to change the mind at any time. I know I have done it more times than I can count.

Georgia said...

Thank you so much for your suggestion. You have given me something to think about. I know that I do need to re-organize my craft room. And, continue to thin out some. I am already thinking about another box for your N Alabama group. However, I still have two ornaments to finish before Christmas. I just love the adorable little scissors, they are so pretty. Many blessings to you and yours my friend:)

Mari said...

I think those scissors are so cute!
I always enjoy seeing what you are up to. When I cross stitched, I did one project at a time, you are much more prolific!

Gina said...

Arlene, you are so organized and methodical with your stitching! Good work! And as always each is beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Carol said...

Such a nice gift and beautiful stitching. It is so hard to stitch in December with all the other things I want to do--and yet there are SO many lovely Christmas charts that are just begging me to stitch them. Sigh... I sure wish I could exist on just a few hours of sleep :)