Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Stream

 Well I have not waded into the stream in a while and since I did a picture stream on Monday why not just spend some time splashing around in Nana's stream of consciousness.

1, We have finished watching The Crown.  I have to say that Prince Charles is not Prince Charming in this telling of the story. Gillian Anderson did a good job portraying Margaret Thatcher. There will not be another series until 2022. It took me a while to like Olivia Coleman as the queen and now I will have to get used to Imelda Staunton as the queen. You may remember her as Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter Movies. Speaking of Harry Potter, Marvin and I were watching The Queen's Gambit( thanks Katie at Preppy Empty Nester for the recommendation) and I saw a face that was familiar but I just could not place that actor. He was a chess player and he was thin with very dark hair. I finally got out my phone and tapped on IMDB. Believe it or not it was Cousin Dudley of Harry Potter. He has lost a lot of weight and looks so different.  I love Internet Movie Data Base as it can tell you so much about a movie or a series. It drives Marvin crazy when I pull it out and start telling him facts. lol So I try to keep it to myself unless he asks specifically.  We have been watching DCI Banks and Marvin was surprised to see Louisa from Doc Martin as a main character.  Marvin loves Doc Martin while he gets on my Marvin watches Doc Martin up in the man cave. I think Marvin and Doc Martin are probably kindred spirits.

2. Christmas is very different this year. Marvin and I will be traveling to see each child individually.  We will miss our big gathering in Chatsworth but we want to keep Grandma Margie safe so we made the decision to cancel this years gathering.  I am debating doing a lot of baking as Marvin and I do not need extra treats but Christmas is just not the same without the special foods you only have once a year.

3. We are getting Internet at Grimmwood after Christmas. We have found we can watch tv cheaper over the internet than with cable. And I can use my laptop there which is much preferable to the phone. 

4. I visited our new Tractor Supply for the first time since it opened in Decatur. I did some Christmas shopping there. it is a neat store. They have lots of farm friendly clothing and home decor.  Marvin works outside a lot at Grimmwood so I was able to get him some warm and sturdy clothing for the farm.

5. I also visited Hobby Lobby but I was good and purchased my Gift Card and left. Most of the Christmas merchandise is picked over and they were putting out spring merchandise.  Note to self, look for the little signs I need for the grands 2021 Christmas ornaments. 

6. I was glad to hear that my northern friends do not like driving in snow either.  I guess I am a bit sensitive as lots of northerners who move here mock our winter driving skills.  I was at the post office this week, dropping off some cards when a lady with a northern accent told me, "I thought it was supposed to be warm in the South." Well Monday was very cold and windy so I could understand her confusion. We do have some cold weather here but it seldom hangs around By Wednesday the sun was shining and highs were in the 60s.  From the looks of the long term forecast, we will have a warmer Christmas this year and that is fine with me.


Sandy said...

I like that our cold weather doesn't hang around, although that is probably why watching the local weather is so important. It can be warm one day and cold the next. I am working on Jeff to get rid of the cable here. We did just get Internet at Auburn and I for one love it. I don't even turn the TV on at all during the day when Jeff is gone. Last night, we watched stuff for Christmas from the Internet. I am slowly weaning him off of really nothing anyway. The money he saves he can get ESPN plus or something or other.
I am not even able to think about Christmas. I hope to have some semblance of Christmas before 2021. It is harder than Thanksgiving to do without. I guess we will see what happens.

Dewilla Hooper said...

I went to Hobby Lobby here in Savannah the other day to get one more box of cards, and there were no Christmas aisles. There were a few boxes of cards on the front of an aisle. There were no more ornaments or Christmas trees, garland, or any other type of Christmas items. Christmas isn't even here, yet, but the entire store is empty of Christmas! Wow. I went to Michael's after that, and they are still fully stocked in all things Christmas!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This year is very different and everyone has to figure out what works best for their family. I hope and pray things improve soon. And it even gets cold a few times this far South. It will only be 60 tomorrow! lol We think that's cold! holiday hugs!

Georgia said...

Good morning Arlene, I really enjoyed reading your post today. You brought a smile and a memory to my day. I worked nights for years. And, often at nights when the patients are sleeping, there is a little down time. We would often talk movies. IMDB was a great place to go for info about pretty much anything. A lot of really good conversations. As for snow...we were predicted to get one inch of snow today, it is still of now it looks like 3-4 inches. I sent my daughter (VA Beach) your snow picture, she said: "That is so true!" I also sent my son (Florida) the same picture, he in turn, sent me a picture of frost on palm trees. Our first year of marriage was spent in Albuquerque, NM. We had a lot of snow that year too (just like home:) Have a blessed day my friend. Thank you so much for sharing.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I always enjoy your stream strolls. For me, it is like sitting at the table and visiting. I think it makes sense for your Christmas visiting to be individually this year. I had to chuckle about you going into HL and only getting the gift certificate you went in for. I haven't been in HL in well over a year and probably 2 if I were being honest; it is over 75 minutes each way and I can usually talk myself out of making the trip. Yay for TSC stores! They do have some fun things. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Hi Arlene... So glad that you enjoyed The Queen's Gambit as much as I did. I chuckled at your comment about Marvin and Doc Martin. Don't you think that every man has a little "Doc" in him? I know my guy does. I hate snow - looking at it, walking in it, or driving in it. My old house is supposed to get hit 10-18 inches. I just proofread my comment and realized that I may have a little of Doc in me too! Have a great week!!

Terri D said...

Joe and I both loved The Queen's Gambit and we also love Doc Martin. I am glad we don't need to worry about snow here in central Florida but we have had to put the furnace on over these past couple of weeks. We like Tractor Supply too but it has been a while since we visited there or Rural King (about the same). xo

Gina said...

Arlene, isn't it fun to see and recognize actors/actresses we know from elsewhere pop up in new shows! I love IMDB too for just the reasons you mentioned!

A friend of mine finds wonderful decor at Tractor Supply. I haven't been to one in years but when I went, I found nothing. I look forward to life being Covid free and we can shop again. Too dangerous here now.

I am baking up a storm lately. This year needs that extra bit of holiday sweetness.

It has been cold lately and today it is snowing. So far about 3" and it should snow until tomorrow morning.

Mari said...

I also like IMDB. So often I wonder who an actor is and where I saw them before, it always has the answers.
I started watching The Crown but need to watch more. Life has been too busy.
I'm not baking as much either, Christmas is much quieter this year.

Meg said...

I will never mock anyone’s winter weather or driving skills again. I learned my lesson a few years ago. We were visiting the Oregon Coast and woke up to 1/2” of snow on the ground. For us in Idaho, that’s really nothing. For them it’s very rare and it’s indeed something. We hopped in the rental car and drove to McDonald’s for breakfast, and we laughed ourselves silly when we overheard an employee say, “I can’t believe they made us come into work today. The roads are so dangerous!”

After breakfast we wanted to bip over to Walmart to get some Redbox DVD rentals and a few groceries, and I was mocking how slowly everyone was driving. “It’s just a half inch of snow, people! Come on!” I turned into the parking lot, and as I was turning to go down one of the parking aisles, the car went straight even though I was turning the wheel. I was headed straight for another very nice car. My eyes got big, that driver’s eyes got big, and there was nothing I could do to stop from hitting his car. I was pumping the brakes, and finally, just inches from his bumper, I was able to stop. I sheepishly waved and mouthed, “Sorry!”

I hadn’t realized that because of the high humidity and heavy dew along the coast, it was a sheet of ice under that half inch of snow.

I’ve been in enough almost-crashes in my lifetime driving on Idaho winter roads (and now Oregon as well) that I know the feeling of terror when you can’t control your car in the snow and ice. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a little snow. The feeling is the same! Stay safe out there, and stay home when you can. You are too loved!