Monday, May 17, 2021

Audrey Turns Six

 We were fortunate to be able to stop in Atlanta on our way home to spend the night with the Canton Grimms and attend Audrey's sixth birthday party. 

Bet you cannot guess the theme....:)
Even Daddy had a unicorn shirt for this party.
Audrey and her mini me. Nancy's shirt says Mommy of the Birthday Girl.
After several tries we got a family photo.
Behind the scenes, Joshua was pitching a hissy fit.:)
The birthday girl with her unicorn cupcakes. Publix made this and it was delicious.  These children are growing up way too fast for Nana.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 This one will be short and sweet. With all the excitement here in Nanaland, I decided to stitch monogamously on projects for now. I have one project bag out and I can concentrate on one piece of stitching. This really paid off as I finished Feast of Friendship by Blackbird Designs.

Pardon the wrinkles as it was fresh off the qsnaps. Is there anything as exciting as putting that last stitch into a big project. I started this in the fall of 2020.  So about nine months to complete this pretty thing.  Is it perfect? No I got off count and had to fudge a few places. But what else is new...that seems to happen to me a lot lately. Blackbird Designs are very forgiving in that department as their designs are a bit wacky.  My philosophy is that unless you are stitching a model, what is wrong with a few mistakes?  I doubt anyone is going to sit down with the chart and try to find out where I am off!  It will probably be a while before I take it to be framed.  I really enjoyed stitching on this fabric and when I checked my stitching notebook to find out what I had stitched it on, I had not written it down!!! 

I did do some spending as I heard that Notforgotten Farm was having a sale in their ETSY shop. Notforgotten Farm is the designer for Tis Spring, the big bunny I stitched for Deborah.  I cannot remember her given name but she has a Floss Tube channel now and I always enjoy watching her vlogs. Her 90 something year old mom recently moved in with them and she was a guest on the latest one. I enjoyed seeing all her stitching. It was an encouragement for me!

I chose Thomas and In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman.  Be sure and check out her ETSY shop. She is a very prolific designer.

I also received some stitchy love from two of my favorite stitchy friends.  It is always fun to open the mailbox and find a sweet surprise.  I also want to thank those of you who took time to send me a birthday card. Monday is my birthday and with the move, not sure how much I will celebrate.  Marvin says he bought me a house for my birthday. However, he is buying the bar stools from the owner of the house we are purchasing. They are a bright apple green and just perfect for that kitchen. I am leaving my bar stools here for the new owner to use or get rid of as she sees fit. I believe they are doing some painting etc before moving in. 

After finishing Feast of Friendship, I took out Lady Liberty by Blackbird Designs. I hope to finish the stitching so I can make my drum by July 4th. Thanks to Silver Needle for this photo of a finished drum.

Happy Birthday to Joshua who is two today. 
He and Audrey were showing me their skills on the piano!! Love you Little Buddy.  He really enjoyed his Sissy's birthday party. He ran all over the park...and Nana and Grandpa had to chase after him. I finally got him to sit in my lap by feeding him a cupcake.
I will be sharing Audrey's birthday on Monday. 

Friday, May 14, 2021

On the Road

 Well after Covid kept us home, once vaccinated we were ready to get on the road again. So back in March, we booked a week at Tybee Island.  At the time we had no plan to move. The trip was paid for so we took off for a week in the midst of real estate transactions. We are wild people!!

We had such a good time in Savannah, visiting family and enjoying the beautiful scenery there. Our weather was perfect. 

We went to Mass at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It was our first time to participate in the Mass at such a beautiful church.  

We stopped in one of the squares to get a selfie and a lovely tourist took pity on us and snapped this picture for us.  Savannah is a beautiful city.

We got to visit with cousins we had not seen in quite a while. Marvin ferried his sister and his cousin, Mary Sue up to the home place in Sylvania, Ga to visit cousins there.

The two older ladies in the middle are first cousins and also first cousins of our dear Mama Ga. Mary Sue is second from left and is almost 90 years old. Can you believe that? She is amazing. Next to her is Betty Sue who is 86.  Nancy who is next to Betty Sue is a WW2 war bride. She married into the family. She still has a bit of her English accent. Nancy and I took a picture together because we are the outlaws.:) 

We enjoyed some days at the beach and visiting our niece and nephew, Ami and Benjamin.

Now you see why we need someone to take our pictures. :) Selfie experts we are NOT.

We ate some good seafood at a restaurant out on the marsh called CoCo's.

We also had a reminder that God ordains our steps. We were able to visit with Mary Sue's son, Carter, and his wife, Patty. They were at their beach house for a visit. I cannot remember the last time we saw them. But the day before our visit with them, they had found out that their three year old grandson received a diagnosis of autism.  Marvin and I hope that we gave them some encouragement in their journey. As I have said before, it is a club you do not want to belong to!!Marvin told Carter that we are not experts in autism but we see our job as grandparents to be encouragers for our children as they parent their spectrum child. 

Now we are back home and packing like crazy!! It is nice to have these pictures to remember the fun days we had in Georgia.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Our Real Estate Journey

 I will tell you how we came to buy a house which resulted in us selling our present town home. Marvin and I find ourselves at Annunciation a lot since being confirmed there.  So we took a ride around the neighborhood behind the church. It would be nice to be able to walk to daily mass. Marvin is working with the St Vincent DePaul society so he is at church quite a bit. In addition he attends the mens group that meets on Saturday mornings at SEVEN.  The bad thing about this neighborhood is that houses seldom go up for sale there. One recently came on the market but it was sold before I could even go and look at it. Marvin and I began to pray that if we were supposed to move, God would bring the right house for us to the market.  Here in Decatur, real estate moves so quickly that realtors tell their clients to have a house to move to before selling their present home or they could be homeless.  Well a nice house came on the market...we went to look at it as soon as possible and we won the bid on the house. Yes, you pay above asking price in most cases.  So we are moving to The FARM. ( the name of the subdivision). Here is a picture of our new house.

Believe it or not most of the colors in the new house are the same or similar to colors here in my present home so no painting needed. It is 2000 square feet and all on one level. There are stairs to the attic which is a plus. The yard is small but Marvin has already purchased a battery powered lawn mower to mow it. I may help him a bit!  It will be nice to go back to a single home, no worries about bothering neighbors with noise etc.  The home is in a nice neighborhood with a park and a lake. I plan to do lots of walking there! 

We put our house on the market and it sold in 7 days. Being a townhouse was not in our favor and our town home is a middle unit so it had to be someone who did not care about that as well.  But the right people came along and we close on both houses at the end of the month. 

So the next two weeks I will be packing like a whirlwind. I have already packed up two rooms so I feel I can get it done. We will have about three days at our new house before we close on the townhome so we can move some of the fragile things before the movers arrive. 

And in the midst of this, we had a trip planned to Tybee Island/Savannah that was already paid for so we had to go! More on that on Friday. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Back in the Saddle

 I am back to blogging. Here are a few of the reasons I took a blog break. Details to follow this week.

1. Bought a new home.

2. Put our townhome on the market and sold it in one week.

3. Travelled to Tybee Island Georgia for a week. This was planned for and paid for before we totally lost our minds and decided to move. 

So now you can see why I needed a break.  It was a hectic time and will continue to be hectic until we are settled in our new home.  Thanks so much for the sweet messages I received from so many of you. I truly missed blogging and being a part of our great community.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Blog Break

 I am going to be taking a blogging break for a while. I need to recharge my batteries and that means time away from social media.  I will be reading your blogs and if you want to keep up with me, feel free to friend me on Facebook and Instagram.  Hopefully when I return I will have something to talk about!! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Pictures from Birmingham

 We spent Saturday with Ben and Katy. It was so good to see them in person and to know that they are doing well after the tornado.

These are pictures from Cahaba Valley Road leading to Ben's subdivision. You could clearly see the path the tornado took. Some houses were pristine, others destroyed.

Ben's house is the second one...with the blue tarp and white garage doors on the hill.The houses on the other side of his street had ALL their windows blown out.  Blue tarps and plywood were everywhere. The house behind them was totally destroyed. It seems the tornado was going up and then touching down. 

Here is the other side of the street....all those trees just gone. Thanking God that there were no fatalities. I am so thankful for basements!! They were a life saver that day. 

We asked if it sounded like a train as we always hear. Katy said it sounded like sustained thunder for about 15 to 20 seconds though it seemed longer.  When they stepped out of their basement into the driveway, they could not believe the devastation.  

Baylor was playing while we snapped pictures so we did not make him come pose for pictures. Katy took some for me but did not want to be in front of the camera.  As you can see we picked up Chick Fil A for lunch. Always a winner with the grandchildren.

 Margaret took me up to her room where the ceilings in her bathroom had been removed. They hope the roof will be repaired next week. Their new garage doors are in place but it will be a while before their house is back to normal. 

Thanking God once again for his Protection of my dear ones.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Yes I had some haul this week....
I ordered two of the Beggars I had my eye on. Because my dough bowls are just not full enough!!

Cathy Roginella at Inspired Needle sent me two skeins of Terrapin for my Lizzie Kate Christmas ABCs. My sisters got me Praiseworthy Stitches Country Church Yard for Christmas. I needed a big piece of blue fabric to stitch it on. 16 count Aida in the color, Willow Wisp.  Of course, Cathy doesn't send me packages unsolicited....if only she did!!:)  This will be another long term project.

Jen at Jen's Stitching Niche on ETSY, sent me this one. I believe there was only one left in stock when I put this in my cart. As Brenda and Laura say, Buy All the Blackbird.( Flosstubers Brenda and the Serial Starter). This one will go in to my chart file for next summer. I cannot start a new piece until I finish my Blackbird Lady Liberty drum. 

I did work on Though He Seemeth Sleeping.

I had two finishes...

These are not colors I am usually drawn to but oh what fun stitches. After I finished Sara's Cup of Cheer I decided to do Happy Holidays as well.  I may stitch Cup of Cheer again as it is such a cute stitch and a good Christmas ornament for the younger crowd.

I am not sure what I am in the mood to stitch this week. My rotation has gone by the wayside and I just stitch on whatever floats my boat. However, I do need to work on some patriotic stitches if I want them done by this summer. 

Happy stitching Friends.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Fun

  Some of you asked why the older ones do not want their pictures it just on the blog or just in general. Well Hampton and Kendall are at that awkward age, I think they have social anxiety about how they look. Even though Kendall sports bright pink hair, she is a quiet and introspective girl.  Marvin asked me today how much longer the pink hair phase is going to last.:) I told him do not dare say anything to her about it or she might wear it forever.  Hudson and Landon are not as bad but when the older ones do not want their picture taken, I just put my camera aside. I do have one picture of Landon.

Tara took this one at the soccer game the other night and I stole it off FB.  Bless his heart...he just is not into soccer this year as he is playing on a team with the city league. Priceville did not have a spring team this year.  He had played with his old team for years.....

The other day I noticed water was standing in the cabinet under the sink. That is always a fun way to start the day. Thankfully I have a great plumber and he came right out and took care of things. Turns out we needed a new faucet.

It is a Delta faucet with a special glass rinse feature. I am fancy for sure.  Marvin and I have been having fun playing with it.  Another sign you are old when you like getting a new appliance.

I am going to share something with yall that has been a long time in the making. Marvin and I had been doing a lot of reading about the early church and after much thought and prayer we decided to attend RCIA and join the Catholic Church. We started attending classes back in September and we were recently welcomed into the church.  My old neighbor, Euny, was my sponsor. She and her husband, Brian, were coming for my first communion but then covid hit their family. They plan to come next weekend instead. Marvin's sponsor was his old high school friend, Tommy.   Most of our close friends knew we had joined Annunciation but we have not been very vocal about it, understanding that many of our friends are scratching their heads at this change at our ages.  All I can say is, we truly feel God lead us in this direction and we have been so blessed by our church and our priest, Father Merrell.  As we told our pastor at our previous church, we are not mad and we did not wake up one morning and decided we want to be Catholic.  It was a journey of faith that lead us down this road.  Now to the funny part. On Sunday afternoon, my friend, Susan, texted me and asked if I wanted her to save the picture of me and Marvin in the Sunday paper. What picture? What ???? 

We were attending Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.  So now everyone in Decatur knows we are Catholic now.  So I will share two more pictures with yall. 
This is us with our Bishop Raica.  You can see that our class included old and young people.  Some of us took our masks off for the photo. Not many Catholics have a photo of them with their Bishop wearing a mask. 

This picture was made on our first communion, February 27th.

I know some of you will question this decision. Believe me, most of our family and friends feel the same way.  I will share this with you. I have been drawn to the Catholic church for many years through reading, the witness of friends and Marcus Grodi of EWTN. Scott Hahn, a former Presbyterian pastor who converted to Catholicism was a big influence. I really recommend any of his books.  I had told my friend, Deborah, last February that I would be Catholic if it were up to me but Marvin is the spiritual head of the family and if God wants me to be Catholic, He will reveal it to Marvin as well. I did not even pray about this aspect as I was so sure of God's direction for me.  Two months later when the pandemic had just started, we were celebrating Easter at home and Marvin turned to me and asked if this was the last Easter we were going to be Protestant. I almost fell over.  Marvin was much influenced by Pope Benedict as well as by a friend he worked with in Huntsville. This friend, Bob, is a deacon at Annunciation of the Lord, the Catholic church here in Decatur. We met with Bob and his wife. He told Marvin, " I was not surprised at all when I got your email." He set us up to meet Father Merrell, we began attending Mass in May of last year, started RCIA in September and the rest is history.   You can tell by the smiles above, we were all very happy to be confirmed.  

Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Stream

 The Stream is rather shallow this am but let's see what is swimming around in Nana's mind.

1. It seems spring has finally sprung here. The snowball bushes are blooming along with the dogwoods and azaleas.  I will not be surprised if we have one more cold snap before it gets truly hot. I have worked in my closet a bit but Nana has left a few long sleeved shirts hanging within reach. 

2. With Spring comes doing some fixits around the house. I need to do some touch up paint to the front porch and just general cleaning out there. We need to get some mulch for the flower beds.....hoping Landon can help Grandpa with that chore.

3. Landon had his first soccer game of the season. They won 10 to zero. It was rather sad as the other team had much smaller and younger players.  Their coach also screamed, and I mean SCREAMED at them the whole game. What child would even want to play when the coach is so over the top. I heard one little girl say, I was doing my best. I wanted to go and give her a Nana hug.  Bless her heart.

4. We are going to Ben and Katy's on Saturday for Baylor's belated birthday party.  I dread seeing their neighborhood after it was ravaged by the tornado. Such is life in the south, however. While we are tornado aware we are always wary.

5. I have continued reading the Miss Read books. Thrush Green is my favorite neighborhood in this particular series. Marvin and I are watching Shitzel again. It is our "story". We have gotten quite attached to our friends in Jerusalem.  The baby girl on the show is named Devorah but they call her Devorahlea.( Devorala)  I think I will call my friend, Deborah that!!  It is a loving diminutive for Devorah( Deborah). 

6. Okay, Jeopardy fans...who is your favorite guest host? The Jeopardy producer...I cannot think of his name, was my favorite but Aaron Rogers is growing on me. He wins hands down in the looks department. He is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and he is engaged to one of my favorite actresses, Shailene Woodley. You may remember her from Divergent and The Fault in our Stars. If I ever need a good cry, I watch Steel Magnolias or The Fault in our Stars.  Honestly, every time Sally Field does the monologue in the cemetery I am weeping right along with her.  My cry point in the Fault in our Stars comes when Hazel Grace gets the phone call that Gus has died.  When I saw that movie in the theater I had some personal issues going on at the same time and it was all I could do not to break down completely.  Sometimes a good cry is good for what ails you.

Have a good day friends.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


 It is rather sad being the nana to older grands.  I much prefer it when they came running to the door, so happy to see Nana and Grandpa. Well maybe they still feel that way, but they do not show it as much! My little ones are in Birmingham and Canton so I did not get to see them on Easter. We are going to Bham on Saturday to celebrate Baylor's birthday.  I will try to take some pictures. Margaret is just getting so tall.

Soon I will have another teenager.  See Ben in the background helping Baylor? That always makes the tears flow.  So proud of my oldest son.

Elliott is growing too.

Katy and Ben pulled things together to have her cousin and family over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Katy said they had to go around with the shop vac and suck up glass that was still on the ground so the yard would be safe for the egg hunt.  From this angle their house looks good but they are still dealing with lots of repairs.

Meanwhile in Georgia....
Audrey loves her Mopsie bunny from Nana and Grandpa.  Audrey is our Honey Bunny.

The child prodigy was reading his Easter card.:)
And for all the Joshua is one his day care teacher took at his school.
Audrey's school picture....
A picture of my table on Sunday....because the grands do not want their photographs taken, as usual. Maybe you will see them again when I post their wedding pictures. If I am not too old to take any!!
Now that Easter is over, we are on to Soccer Season with Landon! Before we know it school will be out for the summer.