Monday, January 11, 2021

At Home

It seems since we are all at home more, there are many blog posts and instagram accounts with decorating tips for us.  I have seen many posts about Winter Decorating. It seems everyone hated to put away all the sparkle from Christmas. I can see what they mean....the dark winter days are hard especially in a pandemic and in a world that seems very topsy turvy right now.  I do keep out my snowmen for January, then I change up a bit for Valentines Day. I would be lying if I did not admit, I am looking forward to warmer weather and the cheery pastels of spring. 

After the Christmas Decor was put away, I was ready for a change. As I mentioned before Marvin and I rearranged our living room.  So far we are happy with it. I thought I might share a few pictures with y'all. I always like to imagine the homes of my favorite blog friends but then I am nosy. I am the lady who looks at local real estate listings just to see how the homes I pass by are decorated on the inside.:) I often get some ideas for decorating from the MLS. 

The sofa  in front of the window.

We live in a middle unit town home so we only have three windows downstairs. One is in the Living Room, One in the Guest Room which is at the front of the house and one right behind my cozy chair in the Master Bedroom. If there is  anything I miss about townhome living, it is the lack of windows. However, we do enjoy Grimmwood because of the windows and the front porch. We would not have Grimmwood if Marvin had not been frugal all these years. Buying a middle unit was part of that frugality.  

I moved the secretary between the two arm chairs. I also moved all my family pictures to the secretary. The architectural piece  on the right of the secretary was purchased at The Willow Tree in Henagar, Alabama. The print on the left belongs to Marvin. He purchased it when we visited a gallery in Santa Fe.  It is a print of The Hobbit House from The Hobbit. Tolkien is his favorite author.

Our recliners.

You will note my stitching basket beside my chair as well as the blanket basket.  My favorite blanket for winter is the Matilda Jane blanket I bought several years ago. The prints here are by our favorite artist, Ray Ellis. 

I moved my oils to this little table in front of the room divider. The little brown pitcher was purchased at an estate sale in Chatsworth. Some dear friends( and cousins) cleared out their parents home after their deaths. My sisters went to the sale and Kristi picked this up for me, knowing I would like to have something from the Parker home. I use it to fill my diffuser. 

This is a shotgun style house and I purchased the screen to make a room divider. I got a great buy on it from Overstock many years ago.

I got some new greenery for the buffet in the dining room. I moved my favorite blue and white box to this area.

A panoramic of the dining room.

And last, my Winter Vignette on the Breakfast Bar. It is fun to change things up with the seasons. Supposedly we are going to get some snow today. Crazy Times for sure!!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I enjoyed the tour this morning and you have a lovely second home.

Gretchen Weaver said...

You have a very lovely home and beautifully decorated. My Christmas decorations are still up, I'll leave them up until the first of March. We don't have a Christmas tree so no dry pine needles to contend with. Most of my Christmas decorations are winter themed but the Nativity is still in the bay window for the grandchildren to play with if they want to. I think we all need more peace on earth.

Sandy said...

It all looks lovely. I am glad you like your changes. Sometimes you need a changeup. Every time I go to Mother's I love the size of her home. It is just right for a couple without a big family. She can still keep it clean and it has just what she needs. Two bedrooms, a little office, and the main level much like yours. She seems to like it. I just wish someone that she could like would move in across from her when Covid is over. The lady died and I think it is tied up in probate because it has been sitting since January. You hardly put a sign up in those townhouses before they are gone.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thanks for the tour. Glad you and Marvin are enjoying the new set-up with your recliners. I like the sofa in front of the window. The winter vignette on the breakfast bar is darling with the snowman and your bottle brush trees. Happy Monday!

Carol said...

I had to laugh about you rearranging your room, Arlene, because that is something I've never done in all the years we've lived here. I think it is because my mother used to rearrange hers almost monthly (I'm not kidding!) and it drove us kids crazy :) Anyway, it looks cozy and warm and how nice that a frugal living lifestyle enabled you and Marvin to build your lovely Grimmwood! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! ♥

Visits With Mary said...

You have a very nice home. I was smiling as I read the caption on your recliners, because, I had already noticed your sewing basket and knew that was your chair. :) We have left our tree up for a while, it just has the lights left on it and we love the coziness it gives.

Terri D said...

Your home is lovely, Arlene, and I love your winter vignette on the breakfast bar! Thanks for sharing your home with us!!

Mari said...

I really enjoyed the tour! You have a lovely home and I like so many of your little touches. I also have a blanket by my chair, and when I did cross stitch I had a basket for that too.

Jennie in GA said...

Lovely home tour. And I love your sweet vignette.