Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Five

 1. Snow

When it snows in NoAla we have to record it. It is a good thing we did as it was gone by one pm.  This is the best kind of snow. It looks pretty then leaves.

2. A Boy and His Barn

We got Joshua a Melissa and Doug Barn with animals as part of his Christmas gift. Charles says he plays with it for hours at a time. I guess he got some of his great grandfather's farming genes.

3.Swig Cup

I came across this pretty red cup at Sass and Company here in Priceville. I love a pretty cherry red and can you have too many Yeti like mugs? I am addicted to insulated drink ware. It keeps everything so hot or so cold. 

4.An Unexpected piece of Decor

I purchased this little wreath for a song at Tuesday Morning recently. I planned to use it in some crafts come spring but in the meantime, I tried placing it in this basket on top of the armoire in my bedroom. Instant cheeriness.  Now I may just leave it there and craft something else.

5. A New Book Series

This is the second in the Winsome Series by Katherine Reay. The first book was The Printed Letter Bookshop. I cannot resist a book about bookshops.  The cover of this book was just so pretty. Also I am a sucker for pretty book covers.  This is a Christian themed series without being too syrupy sweet. I am hooked and my friend, Deborah, enjoys them as well. She says you can download them on Kindle for a very reasonable price. I got mine from Thrift Books because we all know I like to hold a book in my hand!! So far there are just two books in the series so you have time to visit Winsome before the third book is published.


Robin in Virginia said...

Loved seeing your snow picture, Arlene! Glad that Joshua is enjoying his barn with the animals. Thank you for the reminder about the 2nd book by Katherine Reay. I read and totally enjoyed The Printed Letter Bookshop. Lovely wreath and it looks super in your basket. Happy Friday!

Carol said...

The snow looks pretty, Arlene! Ours melted a couple weeks ago and it is raining now. Not pretty out! We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow. Your wreath is darling in the basket--love little touches like that when it comes to decorating. Joshua is such a cutie with his new farm--I bet you could be right there playing on the floor with him. Enjoy your weekend ♥

Terri D said...

I agree. If you have to have snow, that is the best kind!! Not on the sidewalks or roads and gone in just a few hours! The wreath in the basket is genius!! SO cute!! Joshua with his barn and animals is such a cute picture! You got him the perfect gift, it seems!! Happy weekend!

Mari said...

I agree - that is the best kind of snow!
Joshua is getting so big!
I really like the wreath in the basket.

Jennie in GA said...

What a cute little grandstand how nice to see him playing with something besides electronics!!! Nothing like holding a real book. Love your cheery wreath.