Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Seasons of Life

 I have been a blogger for quite a while. I blogged for several years then gave it up. I missed it and the community I had loved.  So I started back a bit more enthusiastically and I have tried to maintain a three day a week schedule for some time now. 

Like all of you, I am sometimes weary of trying to come up with something new and interesting on a regular basis. Covid made that even more difficult. 

So I have decided that I will blog when I have something to share which means my posts will not be regular but I will still be blogging. I will keep up with Saturday Stitching as that seems to be on of the most popular blog days at Nanaland.  And I enjoy sharing my needlework with like minded ladies. 

In the season of life I find myself, I want to have less pressure to get things done. I want to enjoy the time I have with my husband. Another thing Covid has taught me is that life is precious and fragile, especially as we get older.  I want to have time to spend with my sisters and my mother. Every time I visit my mother ,I wonder if this will be the last time I see her. I want to have good memories.  My two sisters are such blessings to me. When I hear of families where the siblings are not close, I cannot comprehend that. I love these two sisters with all my heart.

I want to make more time for my grandchildren so they will have good memories of me when I am no longer here.  My two grandmothers were very present in my life as we all lived in the same town. I will admit I was closer to my maternal grandmother.....I guess that is true for many children.  Grandmother was one of the most calm people I had ever known. I do not remember her ever raising her voice to me.  She let us cut out doll clothes with scraps of cloth, we could bath our dolls in her bathtub and she always was up for making us a pan of popcorn and a jug of grape koolaid. My Grandmother T was a different kettle of fish. She was loud,  she was not afraid to correct us and with a passel of cousins around, I now see why she might have been short tempered. She taught me to like Sweet Tea. When we had family dinners your choice of drink was sweet tea or milk. I was never a milk fan and sweet tea was an acquired taste for me but now I love it. She was a worrier and I think I inherited that trait, sadly.  But she was also a woman of prayer. If she said she would pray for you, she did.  She made Danish Cake for special occasions. My sister, Kristi, prepares this favorite when we cousins get together. It is a very rich cake with dates and coconut. Great with a cup of coffee. 

So don't worry about me just deleting my blog. I will be here but just on a less frequent basis. My blog friend, Sandy, and I both agreed that we love having a record of our lives that we can look back over. Blogs allow us to remember the things we might otherwise forget. 


Mary said...

Arlene, I will miss your regularity in posting but I understand your desire to simplify and make blogging less of a chore. I think covid has given us a new appreciation for simpler times.

Well, I had the benefit of having both grandmothers live close by and I have no recollection of either one raising their voices. They were both so dear to me as a child but especially my paternal grandmother who I spent more time with as my sister and I slept over her home often. Nothing like the love of a grandmother so I understand how important that relationship is with your grandchildren.

Sandy said...

I know that meeting you was a blessing of the blog. You have guided me through quite a bit. I think a non schedule will help especially in this season. When you head to Grimmwood you can go with a mind set to just enjoy and record when you return back to Decatur. I too am having to increase the time with Mom if nothing else to keep her from driving. Wow, that one is tough. She drives way too slow to be driving in FWB. I am about to take her to her hair appointment this morning and then suggest we stop and get some groceries to keep her from going later:)

Robin in Virginia said...

While I will miss your regular posts, I am glad that you will continue in a fashion that brings you pleasure and sharing what you wish to share. Thinking of you.

Georgia said...

Arlene, you have become such a special part of my life and with that being said I understand completely. I find myself slowing down too. I don't want to rush, or create new challenges (they come on their own). Please continue to send us a post card once in a while): I love your visits to Grimmwood, and the trips you take. It is fun watching your Grands, grow up. And, your Saturday Stitching is my absolute favorite. God bless you Arlene, as you continue to bless all of us:)

Mrs.T said...

I understand completely, Arlene, and I'm pretty sure you've noticed that the non-regular posting has become what I do, also. I just have to blog when I have time and/or something to say. I aim to blog three times per week, but it doesn't always happen.

It's crazy to think about, but with retirement our lives have become much more busy. We have so much that we want to do at our camp (where there is no internet) come spring, and my hubby wants to tap some of our maples then too, so there will be sugaring to think about. And then getaways have become much more doable for us too.

He's also available to help friends or family with various projects and those opportunities seem to come along quite regularly. The pace of life is somewhat more relaxed, but it's no less busy!

Terri D said...

Just so you are here now and then, I won't worry about you!! Do all those things you need to do and spending time with family is so important! xo

Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

Your blog is one of my seeing you post all your stitching.
I grew up knowing only one grandmother (her husband died before I was born). The other set were in England and it was hard to keep a close relationship. Granny was so kind to me. She spoke very broken English but I understood her just fine. As a child, she sang Flemish songs to me. She was from Belgium and there during both World Wars. Can you imagine being in German occupied Belgium during WWII knowing what it was like some 20 years earlier?! Granny was arrested during the war for helping with the Belgium underground. She hid British and American soldiers in her attic and fed them until they were strong enough to leave and try and make their way west. After the war, she received a signed letter from Dwight Eisenhower (Commanding General of U.S. army operation in Europe) for her service. It is hanging on the wall next to me. I spent weeks, during the summer, with Granny and she prayed every night. I was her youngest grandchild and I feel her favorite. Grandmothers are the best. Patty McDonald

Gina said...

Arlene, I understand! I needed some time away recently and I do feel refreshed and ready to get visiting! I am really enjoying my YouTube channel. I hope to get better at making videos. I'm glad you will still post a little. I would miss you! xo

Anonymous said...

I have loved reading your blog!

My top favorites in 2020:
1. PS snow smalls as pillows
2. Paint color-Lattice-used in my bathroom and love it!
3. Candle-Fireside Cabin
4. Target leopard top-have worn a lot
5. And the best.....Word Play finish - I have these all stitched but could not figure how to finish until I saw yours and you said simple was the best!

Thanks for all you share! Karen

Linda said...

I'm happy to hear you will still be here....I consider you and Marvin friends and pray for you and especially now with your mother. Seasons change and I can feel ours changing as well. This trip to Galveston, I have noticed that Louis Dean is definitely slowing down and his age is beginning to show. The same with me. We constantly need to adapt to the changes in our lives and slowing down as we need to do. These are special years in our lives and you are wise to invest your time in those you love. My first priority is Louis Dean followed by friends and family.
I admire you, Arlene. You have such a kind heart. May God give you the desires of your heart.....

Mari said...

I'm glad you'll still be posting! I like the record of life here too.
Making time for family is so important! I too am blessed with 2 wonderful sisters and I love spending time with them. However, we are all working, so it's hard sometimes. My Moms mom passed when I was 6 months, my Dad's mom passed when I was 4, so I was always jealous of kids who spent time with their grandma's. That's why I love to spend time with my grands!

Jennie in GA said...

You are just where I am with blogging. I will look forward to the days you share your life with us.

Carol said...

I've always been in awe of your abundance of blog posts, Arlene! I try to do two a month, but don't always manage even that little bit :) It should be an enjoyable activity not a chore so I think you have the right plan going forth! I'll still be here reading no matter how often you post ♥

Barbara said...

My blog reading has slowed considerably over the past couple of months due to the circumstances of my life, so I am just now (on Saturday January 30) reading what you have said on January 27th. I certainly understand your viewpoint of slowing down, perhaps blogging less and deliberately devoting more time to the relationships in your life that are so dear to you. I "get that" more now than ever before. I am just so glad to count you as one of my blogging friends and enjoy reading your posts whenever you have something to say.