Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Stream

  Let's run away from reality this morning. I don't know about you but my go to mode these days is ostrich with head in sand.

1. Have any of you watched the new All Creatures Great and Small on PBS? Marvin and I were dubious as we watched the original series back in the day. However I give this one a thumbs up.  The Yorkshire Dales are the perfect place to visit and escape from the cares of the world.

2. Marvin and I settle down every day after lunch to watch Shtizel on Netflix. It is a Jewish soap opera set in the Haredi Orthodox community of Jerusalem. Subtitles are needed but it is neat to see Jerusalem today and hear the Hebrew language. ( Some yiddish thrown in as well)  We call it "our story" just like our grandmothers and mothers called their soap operas.  Right now we are pulling for poor Akiva to find a wife. 

3. Recently I found some Adult Bedtime stories on You Tube. My favorites are Agatha Christie stories read by Hugh Fraser. Mr. Fraser was Captain Hastings on the Poirot series.  The down side is I fall asleep, then spend the next day finding where I need to start over at in the recording.  A soothing British voice is perfect for nodding off to dreamland.

4. Speaking of Agatha Christie, that woman was a prolific writer. I found  a new Christie character or at least new to me, Christopher Parker Pynes.  He is featured in several short stories and he is very entertaining. Quite different from Poirot and Miss Marple.

5. Well from the tone of this Stream, you can see that I have been escaping from all the news of the world. I promise that I do clean my house and keep up with the laundry. Having a husband who helps out is a nice benefit of retirement.  Marvin mops the kitchen floor for me, empties the dishwasher and keeps his man cave tidy. However I do not look too closely at the man cave when I venture up there.

6. One last holiday task awaits me this week. I need to organize our attic storage/craft room/ seasonal decor room. I will admit that when we took things back up after Christmas I just sat boxes down willy nilly. I am thinking of getting rid of some of the craft supplies. Kendall and Landon are not really interested in crafts anymore and the other grands are seldom here.  It is a good thing to recognize there are seasons to life and sometimes we have to move on whether we like it or not. So I will toss bottles of dried out paint, put some things in the thrift store pile, then clean and tidy so everything is in its place.


Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed wandering in the stream with you, Arlene. It sounds like a good plan to sort, purge, and tidy up in that area. I am getting ready to purge cabinets filled with teacher stuff. It is time. Have a good Wednesday!

Jan said...

Enjoyed your stream! I also spent time last week organizing and downsizing in our attic/storage/"sewing" room. There was a lot in there that I just wasn't doing anything with anymore. It was so nice to fix it up as a TV/game room for the grands, but still room for storage and a sewing corner for me.

Linda said...

Darn! I just lost my long winded comment due to my clumsy arthritic fingers! Suffice it to say, I enjoyed reading about your routine! I’ll check out those adult bedtime stories!

Terri D said...

You sound motivated to get your craft/storage room sorted. I lack motivation for nearly everything these days but have been walking most mornings with my friend, Elaine. I feel pretty good about that!! Joe used to help me with the cleaning but he just isn't able to do it anymore. I get it done when I have to. LOL Happy hump day!! xo

Visits With Mary said...

You'll eventually get to everything, one of the perks of being retired. Just enjoy living!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

This time of year is boring and I dont want to do much that is productive. Watching new movies or listening to new books sounds like my kind of day. Now cleaning up and throwing out is another thing and the mood has to strike me just right.

Mrs.T said...

Escaping from the news and dipping a toe in your stream sounds just right! We don't even listen to mainstream media any more -- there are more lies than truth there. Even our daily paper here in our state follows suit. We are letting our subscription run out as it is just so annoying to read.

I've been going through many of my craft materials as you've seen in my Making Space posts. So many things I will never use again. I've donated a ton of things to our local thrift store and I hope many of them will be a find that will make someone's day. The profits go to veterans and also our local homeless shelter, so it's a win-win to donate there. As you mentioned, the older grands have outgrown the crafts we did together. I did give my local daughter Carrie some of the craft supplies, after asking to see if she would like them. Her younger two especially love making things, though all four are very creative. I still have a ton of craft supplies to go through, particularly paints.

I need to organize the computer/library/crafts room in the worst way. It is very bad. We did get the file cabinets reorganized and moved them to the garage, so that is helpful, but there's such a long way to go. My hubby has agreed to help, though.

Jennie in GA said...

Do you stitch as you watch your story and other shows? I find I cannot sit without stitching in hand. Funny how the need to tidy and purge always hits at New Years.

Gina said...

Arlene, my craft room is still a mess. Good for you rolling up your sleeves and getting to it. I've not seen either of those shows. I did enjoy the old version of All Creatures Great and Small. So nice that Marvin mops etc!