Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Good Morning....our last February Stitching Saturday! This year seems to be moving right along. 

I worked on several pieces of stitching this week. 

I picked up this small stitch by Hands of Design when Priscilla worked with Cathy Habermann.

I am doing Hippity Hop on this scrap of 16 count aida I had left over from another project. The blue shows up better in person....This will be added to the dough bowl.

I also did some creative work this week. I have long admired The Mother's Tree but I knew I would never do all that charting and centering of names of my ancestresses. Pam of Pam and Steph on Floss Tube stitched this so if you want to see it completed, check out her channel.  I had a Pineberry Lane sampler named Sarah Platt and as I stitched the alphabet I wondered if I could make this into a small Mother's sampler.  It is a work in progress....I plan to put a small motif between each name. I also did each woman in a different font to emphasize the differences in each generation.  My grandmother's line goes back to a Cherokee woman named Talotiskee Nettle. She Married Little Dragging Canoe and their daughter was Christiana Canoe.  I have to wonder if the missionaries who worked among the Cherokees had an influence on the daughter's name. I will never know but it is fun to speculate.  I plan to put each woman's full name on the back of the sampler once it is framed.  It is neat to see the line all the way to Kendall.... Talotiskee, Christiana, Matilda, Melinda, Lillie, Lena, Marjorie, Arlene, Amelia and Kendall.  Eleven generations of strong North Georgia women.

G Legere has another finished line...
I did not take it out of the q snap because it is quite a job to wrestle it into the snaps.  I finished I and K. I noticed there is no J on this sampler. I looked it over to make sure I had not made a mistake but I have read that some samplers left off certain letters in order to make it fit together. 

And finally I was working on Mychal's Prayer. I just love doing the font on this one!! Silver Creek Samplers are always a fun stitch. Check out everyone's work on this SAL at #mychalsprayer on Instagram.

Riley Harbor by Kathy Barrick came home from the framer.

I was so pleased with the job The Middle House did for me. I hung it in my bedroom where I can see it from my cozy chair.  I picked a gray frame to pick up the color of the whale. The touch of gold on the edge brightens up this frame.  If you are in the North Alabama area, I highly recommend The Middle House. They also have some beautiful canvases at a great price.( Ask me how I know?) 

I had my eye on this beautiful cotton field when I took my needlework to the store several weeks ago. It was on sale when I went to collect Riley Harbor so it came home with me and I love it. Marvin asked me what it was with me and cotton!! I just love to see a cotton field in the fall. It reminds me of the Bible verse, the fields are white unto harvest.  Both of my parents picked cotton when they were younger and I know from their stories it was hard, backbreaking work. Now the big pickers can clear a field in a day or so.

I have been going through my stash and I am realizing my tastes have changed in my stitching life. I am leaning more to samplers and not so much cutesy charts.  I also have a few Prairie Schoolers that I know I will not stitch but I was hoarding. Over the next month or so I will be giving them to a lucky reader. First up is a Stitching Housewives chart, Up on the Housetop.

To enter the giveaway you must be 18 years old and live in the continental USA. Answer this question to be entered into the drawing....what is your prediction for March...In like a lion or in like a lamb?

Happy Stitching Friends.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Fun

 Thought I would share a new ETSY shop I found this week, Miller Farm Candle Co.

I went to see the number one hair stylist in the world, Suzanna, this week. To me she is a rock star and I look forward to visiting her about every six weeks. On Wednesday I noticed a pretty candle at the front desk that smelled amazing.  Of course I had to know where I could get one too!  Well it turns out a client of hers has a candle company and she had given some to Suzanna as a Christmas gift.  I got online when I got home to check out her shop. Turns out that since she is local (Falkville, AL) you can pay on ETSY but she will deliver it to your doorstep. I was lucky as this was the day they were delivering in Hartselle and Decatur.  I ordered two candles around lunch time and they were in my house by four pm.  

The packaging was amazing.

It was like it was my birthday!!

Included a card about their company and a handwritten thank you note.

Too cute.

Nikki also included a little freebie that I was able to tuck into a gift basket I am doing for a friend.

I ordered two candles, Lemon Pound Cake and Blue Lava. Blue Lava is my favorite as it smells just like Volcano candles that are sold at Anthropologie. 

Even Marvin enjoyed this candle.  Please check out Miller Farm Candle Co on ETSY. Nikki has a Facebook page as well as an instagram account. She runs specials from time to time. I am thinking my Mother's Day shopping for the girls might just be easy peasy this year. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Rough Week for the Grimmlin Grandboys

 Well this week was one for the books with three of the grand boys getting some medical attention.

Landon did well with his surgery. Here he is in the waiting room before surgery. Todd, Amelia and Landon were home by lunchtime. He goes back in one week for a recheck. 


Joshua was running a fever ten days after a class mate at Day Care was sick with RSV and covid. So he got  a trip to the pediatrician. Negative for covid....

Being feverish does not stop this boy from eating.:)

And Elliott broke his elbow.   He was climbing on the backyard swing set and caught his foot, fell on his arm.  He is one tough fella.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Stream

 Well it has warmed up again in Alabama. The Stream was frozen last week for sure. It was all I could do to stay warm. We kept our gas logs going almost every day. I am sure our gas bill will be a shock when we get it in March.

1. I finally got a new lap top. Marvin and I discussed it and decided we better go ahead and replace it while we could get one easily. As the Apple store at Bridgestreet in Huntsville was closed, we went with Best Buy. We ordered and paid for it online, drove to Huntsville and a kind Best Buy employee brought it to our car.  Believe it or not, Nana got her new computer up and running easy peasy. Who needs an Apple Genius. Well to be honest Apple makes it easy to transfer all the files from one mac book to another. I gave my old computer to Ben who says his children will enjoy it for games. I hope it will last a while as it was starting to give me lots of problems. The new mac book is the same size as my older one  but much lighter....also I just use my finger to log on instead of a password. Isn't Technology amazing? Reminds me of the song, I Love Technology from Napoleon Dynamite.

2. We had a nice visit with Ben and Baylor on Saturday. The whole family was in town to visit Katy's mom who is staying at a sister's house while she continues to recover from the brain bleed she suffered. It is a long road but I am sure seeing Katy and family was a happy day for Granny Pat.  Baylor cannot take visits very long so he and Ben came over to stay a while. Baylor gave me some sweet loving and told me I love you as he left with Daddy. Small steps but we will take them.

3. We are expecting some weekend guests...Brian and Euny who were our neighbors years ago when we lived in Huntsville. They live in Ohio now and I assured them I had ordered the perfect weather for the weekend. It is supposed to be very pleasant here and I hope the forecast holds up.  I plan to share more about their visit next week.

4. Marvin and I go to get our second covid vaccine on Friday. We are praying all goes well. My Aunt Joyce got her second dose. She said she ran a bit of a fever but she took some Tylenol, got a good night's rest and was fine when she awoke. I will be glad to have this behind me. 

5. Prayers for Landon today please. He is having a myringoplasty in Birmingham today. After years of tubes, he is getting his ear drum repaired. It is day surgery and he should be home this afternoon in time to get a Krispy Kreme run from Nana and Grandpa. 

Hope all are doing well....I know with the thawing out comes the dealing with broken pipes and other damages from the winter storm that hit many in the south. Now it is almost tornado season and I have seen predictions that this will be a bad year for them. Get that storm room ready!!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Cold weather and cabin fever combine for quality stitching time. 

Winter Rose Manor by Brenda Gervais got some attention. I filled in the roof and the basket. I changed my basket color to an off white as I did not like the yellow tones of Roasted Marshmallow. I am using DMC 950 for the many of the called for colors are out of stock right now.

This piece is deceptive as there is a lot more stitching to be done ....hoping to finish it by this time next year. 

March word play also by Brenda Gervais is stitched and waiting in my craft closet to come out on March 1st.

It looks a bit more vibrant in person than shown in the photograph. I also left off Robins Return as I just did not think it was needed and everything fit well as it was. I did move some things over to accommodate the change. All the flosses and the fabric are from my stash.

April Word Play got a start basically because I was sick of winter and needed some bright colors. I have May and August to complete and I will have stitched all 12 months.  This fabric was a blue with white clouds that I found at Hobby Lobby. I think it will be a pretty backdrop for the Spring Colors.

Easter House was also a small start.  I have the Winter Houses by Waxing Moon in my stash so next year I will be adding one of those to my winter dough bowl. 

I was trying very hard to stitch from stash but I saw this sampler and somehow it is in my cart at 123 Stitch. 

 It is called Though He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam, Love in Stitch. Here is the verse as it is hard to read on the sampler...

Dark the Night and Wild the Wave

Christ the Boat is Keeping

Trust in Him and Have No Fear

Though He Seemeth Sleeping.

Oh what a Sampler for the times we are living in friends.  According to the description the designer offers several color waves for this chart but I think this one is my pick.

And finally more work on Two Red Houses by Little House Needleworks. I got the tree finished and most of the fence. Now to start the alphabet and the border. And then to stitch it all again on the right side. This will be finished as a drum.

The weather seems to be calming down here. Most of the snow melted yesterday even though it was just in the high 30s. Prayers going out to all the Texas stitchers....what a time that great state has had this week. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Fun

 Well it has been one of those mentioned the weather has been a trial for many. My sisters sent me these pretty pictures from Grimmwood.


We did get some snow here Wednesday Night....about two inches. We had gone to our Ash Wednesday service at 6 pm. When we went inside, nothing. When we came out about 1/2 inch of snow and slick roads. We made it home safely.  People were out playing in the snow at ten o'clock at night. I hope this is Winters last Hurrah.

Since I have been stuck inside all week, not much to show today. I did visit our local consignment store last week and found this lamp for a great price. I purchased it for my living room. Pardon my OTT light that you can see...I should have moved it to get a photo. But as all stitchers know, OTT lights are important too.

I love lamps that are different. 

For those of you who are looking for calming influences, I found a new channel on You Tube that I spent some time binge watching. It is Forgotten Ways Farm...Abby Jo is the mama to this large family who live simply in Idaho.  Most of the scenes are just cozy home shots, some cooking etc.  I subscribed right away.

Well that is all I have for today. Hope all are keeping warm. I could not help but think of the line from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, Aslan is on the move.  I have thought of Narnia a lot this week.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 Well right now I am hoping for one of those swift weather changes. It has warmed up to 23 degrees this morning. That is ten degrees higher than it was all day yesterday. By the weekend, spring temps will be back so that is why I posted this sweet tea photo! It is true that we in the south are not equipped for many days of cold weather. I am very thankful that we did not lose our power. Our gas logs have helped keep us cozy and we have plenty of food and hot beverages. 

I know many are really suffering and my heart goes out to them.  Today is Ash Wednesday....the countdown to Easter. I am ready for some time of self reflection, prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Praying for all my blog friends today and especially for Terri at Your Friend From Florida.  She lost her dear Joe yesterday. I have been a long time reader of Terri's blog and I felt as if I knew both Joe and Terri. Another reminder that life is fleeting and I think we all take that for granted.  I am so thankful for the promise of eternal life.

Monday, February 15, 2021

What's New at Cracker Barrel

 Marvin and I went to Cracker Barrel Friday night for an early Valentines Day dinner. As he put it, he is the last of the big  But we both enjoy Cracker Barrel and I got to browse the store to see the new things they have to offer so I was a happy girl. 

There were so many spring displays that  lifted my heart. Of course Easter is coming in about six weeks so time to think of decorating the house with all the spring things.

I really like the little bunny house.
Some of you who crochet could probably whip this out.
I like this was hard to get a photo of it as it was on a lower display.
Time for Easter baskets or buckets.
Mothers Day had a display as well.
Apparently Cracker Barrel thinks Mama likes to drink a little.:)

These big roses reminded me of the flowers we made to decorate our dorm room back in the 70s. We used crepe paper for ours.

Now this one is true!

I saw two signs I thought were funny. 

I am buying one of these for each of my three children.

And there are several people I know who could use this one.

Have a blessed day friends.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Good Morning my Stitchy Friends.

This has been a good week stitch wise and it looks like next week will be a good one for stitching as it is going to be too cold to do anything else. 

I did get two Christmas starts  last weekend. 

Here is Baylor's Christmas Ornament from Heart in Hand. He loves all things cozy so this is perfect for the spectrum boy. I just need to add some mittens and it will be done. You may remember that there is supposed to be a border on this stitch but as I do not play well with borders, it is being left off.

My cute needleminder is from Brenda's Minders and More on Facebook.

I also got a start on Lizzie Kate's Christmas ABCs.

I am using all the called for colors on this stitch.

I finished up Cathy Habermann's Valentine freebie that she issues each year in honor of her wedding anniversary. Cathy is the designer at Hands on Design. I used a scrap of fabric I had on hand along with floss from my stash. I used a piece of toile ribbon to finish it off.  After I stitched mine I saw that my friend, Mary, of Stitching Friends forever had done hers on white using black for the arrow and red for the Lettering. It is so pretty,,,check hers out at Stitcher Mary on Instagram. I am seriously thinking of stitching mine again! 

I got the first line of Mychal's Prayer completed. I had to change my gold as it looked very similar to the Loden Green I had chosen from my stash. This is part of a stitch along with my blog friend, Georgia. The hashtag for this SAL is #mychalsprayerSAL. It is fun to see where the other stitchers are in the SAL, what colors they chose and of course who finishes it first. I try to remind myself that it is not a competition.

This week I have been working monogamously on Feast of Friendship by Blackbird Designs. The colors are just luscious.
I got all my windows in and I did not have to frog anything. That is big for me as I tend to miscount sometimes. 

I also picked up my new planner for this year. Needlework Press puts out a lovely calendar. I keep track of appointments as well as stitching projects.

While watching Lindy Stitches on Floss Tube, I found out that the needlework market this year is online and only store owners will be shopping at this event. However, you can follow needlework_expo on instagram to see some of the new designs that will be offered at the expo and you can be looking for these designs in the stores soon.  I just started following them yesterday!

That's it for this week...happy stitching.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Fun

 Well one of the best things about this week was the lovely temps we had here on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Wednesday afternoon I went out back with my big camp chair, a bottle of water and the Miss Read book, Friends at Thrush Green. I told Marvin I was getting some vitamin D.  I am so enjoying the Miss Read books. I noticed on the cover of this book a quote from Jan Karon....If you have ever enjoyed a visit to Mitford you will relish a trip to Thrush Green.  I read all the Mitford books and while I enjoyed them, I love Miss Read's depiction of several small villages in England.  I highly recommend these books especially as we are all growing weary of the world situation. 

On to some things I have purchased and enjoyed...

I mentioned the store Magnolia Rose and Co. last week. I picked up some things there but I did not have pictures last week.  First I will share this sweet little rustic barn. I am taking this to Grimmwood.

When I saw this small card, I had to buy it. I just loved the colors and most people who know me well know that I love a door. What is it about them that is so appealing? I am sure a psychiatrist could take that and explain a lot about my inner workings.:)

I picked up this tee shirt for spring. In a World Where You Can be Anything Be Kind. I think I am going back to Sass and Co to purchase one for Margaret. I think she would like it too.

I admit I got this idea from Between Naps on the Porch. She shared this pretty tissue holder on her blog as one of her favorite things. It comes from Amazon. I do love it. It sits in a tray on the dresser in my bedroom. Pardon the lighter you can see. I use it to light my Winter Cabin Candle, also on the dresser. 

Thanks to all of you who sent me Valentine cards. They are perched on my kitchen hutch and they make me smile every time I look at them. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Grandest

 Well you know I am talking about my grandest grands when I post The Grands. 

Here are some pictures of the Bham Grimmlins. Margaret is preparing her valentines. This is the last year she will exchange cards with her friends as I am told that  is BABYish in Middle School. BTW, she is wearing a hoodie we got her for Christmas. Never mind that I sit down with the grandest before Christmas and have them help me make a big Amazon Wish List. That way they are surprised by what they receive!


Baylorman loves to sit in this little green car. Mama says his long legs do not fit but whatever makes our boy happy.

Elliott was showing off his muscles in this photo. 

And here is a picture of the Ledlow Grimmlins....they are half Grimm after all. Landon enjoys changing up the word board in their home. Kendall is on her phone, as usual. 

Meanwhile in Canton, The Grimmlin Princess went on a date with her Prince Charming. Their neighborhood puts on a Daddy Daughter Dance night. 

For Valentines Day I sent all the grandest who live away, cards with a bit of money for a Valentine treat. I wrote on each card, five things I like about you. And I made a list...we all know it could have been 500 things I like about you but I cut it short.  Charles kindly made a video of Audrey opening her card and listening as he read the five things to her. It was very sweet of him and appreciated by Nana.

Here at Nanaland, Kendall and Landon are getting their gifts after school on Tuesday. They have virtual school on Wednesday and are with their Mimi on Thursday and Friday.  I  picked up the balloons at Dollar Tree along with some Dove chocolates, which are their favorites. I also got a balloon for Stella and Reagan, their little sisters as I could not send Kendall and Landon home with a balloon and leave out the littles as I know how much all children enjoy a mylar balloon.   And Dollar Tree balloons are quite the bargain. 

Hope you enjoyed visiting with our family today!