Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 Well right now I am hoping for one of those swift weather changes. It has warmed up to 23 degrees this morning. That is ten degrees higher than it was all day yesterday. By the weekend, spring temps will be back so that is why I posted this sweet tea photo! It is true that we in the south are not equipped for many days of cold weather. I am very thankful that we did not lose our power. Our gas logs have helped keep us cozy and we have plenty of food and hot beverages. 

I know many are really suffering and my heart goes out to them.  Today is Ash Wednesday....the countdown to Easter. I am ready for some time of self reflection, prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Praying for all my blog friends today and especially for Terri at Your Friend From Florida.  She lost her dear Joe yesterday. I have been a long time reader of Terri's blog and I felt as if I knew both Joe and Terri. Another reminder that life is fleeting and I think we all take that for granted.  I am so thankful for the promise of eternal life.


Sandy said...

I made myself get out and walk today with Gus. I am hoping it warms up soon. It got so cold that my pansies look awful. That is cold now.
I have been very thoughtful today of just how fleeting the moments are.

Mari said...

I told Terri that I felt like I knew Joe too. So sad for her, and praying for her!
The weather is awful, -7 here this morning, and it keeps snowing! But knowing what Terri is going through puts our weather issues in perspective.

Jennie in GA said...

We enjoyed cool air with lovely sunshine here in west GA today. But rains are coming back tomorrow with cooler temperatures. We have lost so many friends this past both covid and other reasons. Of course, that is part of becoming older, but a fair number of these were younger than we are.

Mary said...

I'm sorry to hear of Terry's husbands passing. I will keep her in my prayers.
I sure hope it warms up for you soon. This has been a mild winter till Feb struck! I really feel for the people in Texas. It's horrible being without power.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad it is warming up by you, Arlene. I was saddened to read of Terri's husband. Stay warm and be safe.

Carol said...

I'm so sad to read about your friend's husband, Arlene. This has been such a difficult past twelve months for so many. Sure hope you are keeping cozy and that your power stays on--can't imagine what those poor folks in Texas are going through!