Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Fun

 Thought I would share a new ETSY shop I found this week, Miller Farm Candle Co.

I went to see the number one hair stylist in the world, Suzanna, this week. To me she is a rock star and I look forward to visiting her about every six weeks. On Wednesday I noticed a pretty candle at the front desk that smelled amazing.  Of course I had to know where I could get one too!  Well it turns out a client of hers has a candle company and she had given some to Suzanna as a Christmas gift.  I got online when I got home to check out her shop. Turns out that since she is local (Falkville, AL) you can pay on ETSY but she will deliver it to your doorstep. I was lucky as this was the day they were delivering in Hartselle and Decatur.  I ordered two candles around lunch time and they were in my house by four pm.  

The packaging was amazing.

It was like it was my birthday!!

Included a card about their company and a handwritten thank you note.

Too cute.

Nikki also included a little freebie that I was able to tuck into a gift basket I am doing for a friend.

I ordered two candles, Lemon Pound Cake and Blue Lava. Blue Lava is my favorite as it smells just like Volcano candles that are sold at Anthropologie. 

Even Marvin enjoyed this candle.  Please check out Miller Farm Candle Co on ETSY. Nikki has a Facebook page as well as an instagram account. She runs specials from time to time. I am thinking my Mother's Day shopping for the girls might just be easy peasy this year. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Etsy shop, Arlene. What fun to open a beautifully wrapped package! Happy Friday!

Georgia said...

Good morning Arlene, these candle sound heavenly, I will have to check this one out, thank you. And, I was so surprised that you had a Thursday post, I need to stay on my toes:) Please know that all your boys are on my prayer list. I will be thinking about their caregivers too. Someone has to stay up at night to take care of them. Thank you for the tip on the candles, and many blessings to you and yours my friend:) PS: please keep us updated on how they are all doing, thanks again.

Sandy said...

I will and yes, that would be a good gift idea.

Mari said...

I will check them out. I'm a candle fanatic!

Barbara said...

Delightful post, Arlene. Someday if/when my sense of smell returns, I'll enjoy the pleasures of candles again.