Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Cold weather and cabin fever combine for quality stitching time. 

Winter Rose Manor by Brenda Gervais got some attention. I filled in the roof and the basket. I changed my basket color to an off white as I did not like the yellow tones of Roasted Marshmallow. I am using DMC 950 for the many of the called for colors are out of stock right now.

This piece is deceptive as there is a lot more stitching to be done ....hoping to finish it by this time next year. 

March word play also by Brenda Gervais is stitched and waiting in my craft closet to come out on March 1st.

It looks a bit more vibrant in person than shown in the photograph. I also left off Robins Return as I just did not think it was needed and everything fit well as it was. I did move some things over to accommodate the change. All the flosses and the fabric are from my stash.

April Word Play got a start basically because I was sick of winter and needed some bright colors. I have May and August to complete and I will have stitched all 12 months.  This fabric was a blue with white clouds that I found at Hobby Lobby. I think it will be a pretty backdrop for the Spring Colors.

Easter House was also a small start.  I have the Winter Houses by Waxing Moon in my stash so next year I will be adding one of those to my winter dough bowl. 

I was trying very hard to stitch from stash but I saw this sampler and somehow it is in my cart at 123 Stitch. 

 It is called Though He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam, Love in Stitch. Here is the verse as it is hard to read on the sampler...

Dark the Night and Wild the Wave

Christ the Boat is Keeping

Trust in Him and Have No Fear

Though He Seemeth Sleeping.

Oh what a Sampler for the times we are living in friends.  According to the description the designer offers several color waves for this chart but I think this one is my pick.

And finally more work on Two Red Houses by Little House Needleworks. I got the tree finished and most of the fence. Now to start the alphabet and the border. And then to stitch it all again on the right side. This will be finished as a drum.

The weather seems to be calming down here. Most of the snow melted yesterday even though it was just in the high 30s. Prayers going out to all the Texas stitchers....what a time that great state has had this week. 


moosecraft said...

Winter Rose Manor is looking great! Very nice fabric choice too! It seems most stitchers are changing the colors anyways... so having the called for's out of stock isn't really a big thing. lol! I plan to stitch mine with what I have in stash as well...
I just can't believe my eyes and ears (about Texas) when I watch the news in the evenings... devastating!

Mary said...

Arlene, I think I'm going to copy your color for the house for Winter Rose, I did not like the called for color at all. I just pulled out 950 and held it up to the linen and I really like it. You are so good about color changes and I get so nervous to change from the designers called for. I haven't started mine, I've been thinking about keeping it out on the frame my friend gave me and at least stitching a little each day. It's a huge project for me.

I love your March Word play and I have to restitch it for myself. I gave mine to my SIL. Great start on Easter House and that sampler is gorgeous and a beautiful sentiment. I was going to stitch from stashtoo but ordered 2 patterns this week!! You got alot done on 2 red houses and looking forward to seeing your drum. Enjoy your weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It has been quite a week! I have lots of family in Ark and Tex so I've been talking to them a lot. Love your pretty designs and it's fun to have something to work on every day! Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful stitches you featured today with your finish of the March Wordplay, your new starts and your WIPs. Rose Manor, especially the house, is very stitch intensive. Continuing to prayer for those in Texas. Have a wonderful weekend, Arlene!

Mari said...

I really like the basket in the first stitching.
I love the sampler and the verse in it is perfect!

Georgia said...

Good morning Arlene! You have been a very busy woman:) I love the basket on the Brenda Garvis piece. And, I am just amazed at how nice the Word Play looks on the plaid fabric, I am going to have to give it a try. But most of all I want to thank you for posting the words on the Lucy Beam piece, I have seen a picture of this sampler often, but could only read a part of it. I just put that on in my 123 wish list. Great Friday and Saturday posts, Thank you so much for sharing:)

Sandy said...

You were busy with stitching. They are all wonderful. The red houses will be very nice as a drum. I love the drum I did. I want to do more of those. That sampler is amazing and does fit our times. I am hoping for some warmer weather this next week. The sun is finally shining here, but it is in the 30s this morning. I am ready for nothing under 50 degrees for a while.

Visits With Mary said...

Texas has had a long week that's for sure. We're finally thawing out and expecting springlike weather next week. Amazing how that happens!!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I can understand getting a lot done in this weather and you sure have some pretty items going on.

Carol said...

Yes, this cold weather is very conducive to more stitching time, isn't it Arlene? It was 2° here this morning--the coldest it's been all winter. We've been snowcovered most of the days since early December! Luckily, I don't have to go out :) I'm not complaining, though--after what those poor people in TX have gone through, my weather seems downright balmy.

Love your progress on Winter Rose Manor. I bought that chart when it first came out, but have had trouble deciding on the house color. Will take a look at DMC 950. Your Word Play looks so cute on the gingham fabric. And what a pretty new sampler--enjoy!

Hope you have another good stitching week ahead! ♥

Jennie in GA said...

Beautiful workmanship on all of your stitches. I succumbed to the Lucy Beam piece as well. Wonderful colors and I love the verse.

Jennie in GA said...

Lovely stitching on all. I succombed to the Lucy Beam as well. Love the colors and the verse. Have a great weekend.