Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Grandest

 Well you know I am talking about my grandest grands when I post The Grands. 

Here are some pictures of the Bham Grimmlins. Margaret is preparing her valentines. This is the last year she will exchange cards with her friends as I am told that  is BABYish in Middle School. BTW, she is wearing a hoodie we got her for Christmas. Never mind that I sit down with the grandest before Christmas and have them help me make a big Amazon Wish List. That way they are surprised by what they receive!


Baylorman loves to sit in this little green car. Mama says his long legs do not fit but whatever makes our boy happy.

Elliott was showing off his muscles in this photo. 

And here is a picture of the Ledlow Grimmlins....they are half Grimm after all. Landon enjoys changing up the word board in their home. Kendall is on her phone, as usual. 

Meanwhile in Canton, The Grimmlin Princess went on a date with her Prince Charming. Their neighborhood puts on a Daddy Daughter Dance night. 

For Valentines Day I sent all the grandest who live away, cards with a bit of money for a Valentine treat. I wrote on each card, five things I like about you. And I made a list...we all know it could have been 500 things I like about you but I cut it short.  Charles kindly made a video of Audrey opening her card and listening as he read the five things to her. It was very sweet of him and appreciated by Nana.

Here at Nanaland, Kendall and Landon are getting their gifts after school on Tuesday. They have virtual school on Wednesday and are with their Mimi on Thursday and Friday.  I  picked up the balloons at Dollar Tree along with some Dove chocolates, which are their favorites. I also got a balloon for Stella and Reagan, their little sisters as I could not send Kendall and Landon home with a balloon and leave out the littles as I know how much all children enjoy a mylar balloon.   And Dollar Tree balloons are quite the bargain. 

Hope you enjoyed visiting with our family today!


Sandy said...

The kids are all precious. That is a great idea for 5 things to go in the card. I am getting Tucker a card this year. I think after he has a party at school he will understand. I may even slip in some chocolate since he gets no candy at home. He actually thinks chocolate chips are great. I am thinking a couple of candy kisses would do the trick.

Dewilla Hooper said...

Dollar Tree balloons are the greatest! I am sure all of your grandchildren enjoy the personal messages and treats that you send to them.

Robin in Virginia said...

Super pictures of the grands, Arlene! Great idea on the list of 5 things you included in the cards. Happy Wednesday!

Terri D said...

Wonderful pictures of your grands!! They are growing up so fast! I am sure they will all love their Valentine treats from you! Blessings abound!! xo

Carol said...

Such cute grandkids! I love the idea of the five things you love about each one, Arlene--will definitely keep that in mind when my grandson gets a bit older and can understand! Hope you have a lovely evening ♥

Mari said...

Those grands are just the cutest! I love Charles and Audrey all dressed up.
I got some little posters where I could write 14 things I love about you, then each got covered with a sticker that they could scratch off - one a day from Feb 1-14. They've been enjoying it!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love seeing all the grands. They are growing up so fast. I love the idea of sending cards with a surprise inside and bet they love it too. You made memories.