Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Stream

 Well it has warmed up again in Alabama. The Stream was frozen last week for sure. It was all I could do to stay warm. We kept our gas logs going almost every day. I am sure our gas bill will be a shock when we get it in March.

1. I finally got a new lap top. Marvin and I discussed it and decided we better go ahead and replace it while we could get one easily. As the Apple store at Bridgestreet in Huntsville was closed, we went with Best Buy. We ordered and paid for it online, drove to Huntsville and a kind Best Buy employee brought it to our car.  Believe it or not, Nana got her new computer up and running easy peasy. Who needs an Apple Genius. Well to be honest Apple makes it easy to transfer all the files from one mac book to another. I gave my old computer to Ben who says his children will enjoy it for games. I hope it will last a while as it was starting to give me lots of problems. The new mac book is the same size as my older one  but much lighter....also I just use my finger to log on instead of a password. Isn't Technology amazing? Reminds me of the song, I Love Technology from Napoleon Dynamite.

2. We had a nice visit with Ben and Baylor on Saturday. The whole family was in town to visit Katy's mom who is staying at a sister's house while she continues to recover from the brain bleed she suffered. It is a long road but I am sure seeing Katy and family was a happy day for Granny Pat.  Baylor cannot take visits very long so he and Ben came over to stay a while. Baylor gave me some sweet loving and told me I love you as he left with Daddy. Small steps but we will take them.

3. We are expecting some weekend guests...Brian and Euny who were our neighbors years ago when we lived in Huntsville. They live in Ohio now and I assured them I had ordered the perfect weather for the weekend. It is supposed to be very pleasant here and I hope the forecast holds up.  I plan to share more about their visit next week.

4. Marvin and I go to get our second covid vaccine on Friday. We are praying all goes well. My Aunt Joyce got her second dose. She said she ran a bit of a fever but she took some Tylenol, got a good night's rest and was fine when she awoke. I will be glad to have this behind me. 

5. Prayers for Landon today please. He is having a myringoplasty in Birmingham today. After years of tubes, he is getting his ear drum repaired. It is day surgery and he should be home this afternoon in time to get a Krispy Kreme run from Nana and Grandpa. 

Hope all are doing well....I know with the thawing out comes the dealing with broken pipes and other damages from the winter storm that hit many in the south. Now it is almost tornado season and I have seen predictions that this will be a bad year for them. Get that storm room ready!!


Robin in Virginia said...

So enjoyed wandering the stream with you this morning! Praying for a successful surgery and recovery for Landon. Glad that you had a bit of time with Ben and Baylor. Good for you on getting a new laptop, Arlene. Enjoy your visit with your friends. Praying for a smooth outcome from your 2nd COVID shot.

Sandy said...

IT is indeed getting to be storm season. Mother Nature can be brutal. Keep those eyes on the sky.
Mother did well with the second shot, so I hope all goes well with y'all. I do love my Apple products. They have spoiled me with their ease of use. They are pricey though. I try to baby mine to the max. I am sending you a cute little video clip of an older lady talking about her second shot.

Mari said...

It's supposed to warm up a little hear too - may even get over freezing!
Glad you got a new computer and I hope it works well for years.
Praying for Landon today!

Phoebes World said...

Im so glad things are warming up for you..and hope the cold weather hasnt caused too much damage.. The weather is certainly relentless in your thing after another
Good luck with your injections.. my aunt has had hers and has breezed through
And of course prayers for London...Krispy kreme is certainly one of the better medicines
Phoebe x

Linda said...

Good for you in seeing family and congratulations on your new computer!
We got our second dose on the 13th and it didn't faze us a bit!
I hope y'all have a wonderful time with your weekend guests! It's been a long time since we had any. How are your bees doing? Sherry and Dean checked on ours and they survived! Hope yours did, too!

Mary said...

I get my second shot on Sat and I tell you it feels like a get out of jail card!! I hope yours goes well, the side effect I most hear about is tiredness and a day in bed is a small sacrifice. I will keep Landon in my prayers, I hope all goes smoothly. How happy you must have felt when Baylor told you he loved you. That touched my heart!

Mrs.T said...

Hope Landon is doing well! It must be a relief to have that procedure behind him.

And Baylor -- you know I pray for him. I was so touched and thankful to read that he told you he loved you. That is wonderful progress, in my book!