Monday, February 15, 2021

What's New at Cracker Barrel

 Marvin and I went to Cracker Barrel Friday night for an early Valentines Day dinner. As he put it, he is the last of the big  But we both enjoy Cracker Barrel and I got to browse the store to see the new things they have to offer so I was a happy girl. 

There were so many spring displays that  lifted my heart. Of course Easter is coming in about six weeks so time to think of decorating the house with all the spring things.

I really like the little bunny house.
Some of you who crochet could probably whip this out.
I like this was hard to get a photo of it as it was on a lower display.
Time for Easter baskets or buckets.
Mothers Day had a display as well.
Apparently Cracker Barrel thinks Mama likes to drink a little.:)

These big roses reminded me of the flowers we made to decorate our dorm room back in the 70s. We used crepe paper for ours.

Now this one is true!

I saw two signs I thought were funny. 

I am buying one of these for each of my three children.

And there are several people I know who could use this one.

Have a blessed day friends.


Sandy said...

It is always fun to see all the spring stuff. The Priester's on I 65 had so many cute Easter things. They had a ton of blue and white for Easter and spring. I was so tempted!

Robin in Virginia said...

I always enjoy the pictures you share from your country store wanderings at Cracker Barrel, Arlene. I haven't been to Cracker Barrel since Feb. 2020 and since the Feb. 2021 retreat was canceled who knows when I will get there. So, what did you and Marvin have to eat? Have a wonderful week!

Terri D said...

I always love the great stuff in the Cracker Barrel stores! Thanks for sharing! Seeing them here is better than in person when I would be spending money instead of just looking! I tool down Valentine's Day decor last night and put out some green for St. Patrick's Day. Easter will be following shortly, that's for sure. Time is flying, even in these crazy times. Thanks for sharing the goodies with us!! xo

Rian said...

Also love to see the Cracker Barrel merchandise... haven't been to one in years.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh good for you getting to go to Cracker Barrell, I like shopping there also
Thanks for sharing what's new there I like the pictures


Mari said...

Cracker Barrell has good fun and such fun things in their shopping area! Thanks for showing all the Spring things.

Mary said...

AS I don't have a Cracker Barrel near me I really enjoy your posts reviewing their shop. I always make a point to go there when I'm in Florida. Shopping and dining...winning combination!