Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Fun

 Update on the Kendall Mobile....waiting to see if it will be totaled as the cost of repair/worth of car ratio is iffy. No sign of the young lady who hit us!! So one for the books I guess. It was a good lesson for Kendall as she approaches driving age. Always stop if you are in an accident. 

I have been enjoying fresh flowers from Publix. This week I went for Pink Hydrangeas. They will not last as long as carnations but they are so pretty.

I wanted to share a kitchen update. I changed this area up several weeks ago but I forgot to share it here. 
This is my tea and coffee area.  The tiered tray is from Target...Joanna Gaines, Magnolia collection.
I am looking for a basket to replace my Temptations 9 by 9 dish. I just need something to hold all our tea and Truvia.

I was browsing at my favorite gift shop, Tammy Eddy Antiques yesterday and I found this little gem.

It is an old piece of glass as it has some of the bubbles in the glass. It is now filled with Jelly Beans. Check out tammyeddyantiques on Instagram if you enjoy eye candy. Here is another cute piece I found in her shop several weeks ago.
I am a sucker for Blue and White. Even Marvin noticed this one. 

A last thing...I was searching for a purse to go with my Easter Dress which is Fuchsia and White. I was thinking of a white clutch but then I found this BRAND new Vera Bradley purse at our local consignment store. It came home with me as you can see.

 It looks red in the photo but believe me it is fuchsia.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Sandy said...

The purse is perfect for Easter. I would have promptly brought that home too. I find I enjoy the antique stores and stuff as much as any these days. I guess I am at the age where there is nostalgia in the looking. I think jelly beans would be perfect in that dish. My maternal grandma ALWAYS had a crystal candy dish for the grandkids. I like that little dish holding your teas and the tiered tray. IT looks great to me just as it is.

Mari said...

I'm sorry that young lady hasn't fessed up...
I bought some tulips this week and am enjoying them. I do like hydrangeas too. The glass dish you found is so pretty!

Terri D said...

You always find such cute things when you are out and about! Your coffee/tea area is so cute and that purse you found will undoubtedly be perfect with your new Easter dress! I think we should see a picture of you all decked out!!

Mary said...

I love your latest Blue and white find!! It's gorgeous. Great find on the bag and your coffee corner looks great.

Robin in Virginia said...

Somehow, I missed this post yesterday. Love your coffee/tea corner! Lovely new purse and goodies from the antique place, Arlene! I am sorry that they haven't been able to track down the girl who hit you. Happy Saturday!