Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March Views

 It is a beautiful Wednesday morning at Grimmwood.  As I opened the curtains in the living room this was the view that greeted me.

No filters, just a beautiful blue sky reflecting in the pond. 

I had been texting with Charles so I sent a picture of the cows for Joshua to see.

They were grazing on the hills in front of the pond.  Charles said when he told Joshua to come and see the cows, Joshua pointed to his little barn we got him for Christmas. Apparently his cow was in the barn!  I need to check out Tractor Supply and see about getting some more farm animals for his barn. 

Signs of spring abound. Daffodils are showing their pretty faces. Trees are beginning to bud. Our ducks were on the pond yesterday. Marvin got a great photo of the Great Blue Heron that visits the pond every now and then. He is so skittish that by the time we get a camera and get ready to snap a picture, he has flown away. 

Marvin plans to check on his bees today. We hope they have made it through the winter. They should be out and about with the warmer temps and blooming plants.  

Hope you enjoyed a visit from North Georgia!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a gorgeous view to start the day with, Arlene! Marvin's photo of the Great Blue Heron is stunning. I have been praying for the bees and hope they survived the winter months. Enjoy your time at Grimmwood.

Sandy said...

A pretty view and one that will soon be greening up. Lots of buds on things here. I am ready. Yes, you need to add to Joshua's collection of cows.

Mari said...

What a beautiful sky! I love the cows too - I'm a farm girl at heart.
That heron is amazing!

Mary said...

Such a pretty view to wake up to Arlene. The herons are always so impressive to see. It must be so nice to see signs of Spring!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I always enjoy visiting North Georgia and you. Very pretty pictures.

Carol said...

Such a gorgeous retreat you have there, Arlene! I especially love the photo of the heron. They visit our pond from time to time, but I've never been able to get close and get a good photo like the one Marvin got. Enjoy the rest of your stay--do hope the bees made it through the winter ♥