Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Porch Time

 We rode over the mountain yesterday to Grimmwood and what a pretty drive it was. Daffodils, forsythia and all sorts of blooming trees.  Spring has finally sprung in NoAla and NoGa. 

We stopped at our favorite restaurant for lunch.  The tree was decorated for spring.

Several of you asked that we post our lunch choices. I guess not everyone is eating out and I am happy to share what we got for our lunch.

I had a BLT and onion rings.

Marvin got grilled pork chops, squash and field peas. I gave him one of my onion rings too.
He also had a piece of Mexican corn bread with his lunch.  

On arriving home I got busy cleaning the front porch. Our ceiling fans were really looking bad. I watch Katharine at Do It On a Dime ( You Tube) and she recommended a cleaner from the Dollar Tree called Awesome Cleaner. It is a yellow cleaner in a clear bottle and a real steal at one dollar. This cleaner got all the grime off the ceiling fans and they look so much better now.  I may be using it on some things at Nanaland as well. 

We had our first porch evening of the season last night and it was so relaxing. Just sitting with family and chatting.  Bruce drove over on the tractor...he smoothed out the driveway which was much appreciated. 

And here are a few photos of my big boys....thanks to Amelia.

Soccer Season is here and Lando is ready. Look at the pond at Amelia's house. They added some chemicals to make it look bluer and it gets rid of algae.

Hudson is never one to sit inside. He was out on his bike.

Hope you all are enjoying some nice weather today.


Preppy Empty Nester said...

I love the Spring tree. What a cute idea. Have a wonderful week, Arlene.

Sandy said...

Hudson is really beginning to look like his daddy. Soccer is Landon's sport I suppose? ...which is probably better than football for injuries. Paul Allen played football which is very hard to watch when your kid is playing and baseball which was more my speed. Landon is growing up for sure.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for the tip on the cleaner, Arlene! I am going to look for it around here. Awesome pictures of the boys and of course, your meal! Enjoy your front porch time!

Mari said...

My stepmom swears by awesome cleaner, and she is an expert on cleaning!
I love the porch shot. I would so enjoy sitting with you there.
Cute pics of the boys. They really are growing!

moosecraft said...

Thank you for the heads up on the Do It On A Dime! I usually avoid dollar stores because most of the times they just have a bunch of junk.... but, I'll be looking for a Dollar Tree in my area soon! Time to clean and organize! :-)

Mary said...

Landon is getting so grown up looking!! Thanks for the tip on the awesome cleaner. I guess I'm a foodie, I like seeing photos of food, it all looks delicious!