Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Well another week of not much stitching. I am trying to finish my April Word Play so it can go up next week.  Again, using my own colors and stitching it on a light blue with clouds fabric I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I thought I might share some of the most recent Expo charts that have caught my eye.

I love Cathy Habermann's seasonal chalk talks. I have Autumn and Winter so I definitely need spring to add to my collection. Not sure I will stitch anything from it this year but maybe next year.

Lucy Bean....I think this is too cute. Not sure I will stitch it but I agree with the sentiments.

Another Lucy Bean...Ghost sand Pumpkins. I just love that jackolantern. I might stitch him as a stand alone piece.

We were all lamenting our lack of Irish stitches...I think this one is very cute and an easy fast stitch. Designer is Primrose Cottage Stitches/

I have always admired these Beggar stitches by Threadwork Primitives. They have a crow for each season. 

And one last stitch by Twin Peaks Primitive that speaks to me.

I really like this one but it looks like it might have some one over one stitching....and that is not for me. I think you could do the top motif with the houses and flags and years and it would be cute.

I want to take a minute to wish my best friend, Deborah, a very happy milestone birthday. She and Susan are my rocks in times of distress. This week they have come through for me!!

Update on Ben and family. Believe it or not they still have electrical power! Hoping they can remain in the house while repairs are done. The insurance adjuster is coming today. Please pray for  this area. Right now getting lumber and resources is difficult. All building materials have gone up in price so that is a concern as well in getting a timely repair. I am telling myself that God is in control and all will work out in His timing. Thank you for your prayers and concern. I will keep you updated on this situation. Please pray for the people who lost everything. Five deaths were reported but none in Ben's neighborhood. Some had injuries that required a trip to the hospital. Ben and Katy's biggest prayer request will be that Baylor stay safe in this upheaval. He is a master at escaping the house if they do not keep a close watch on him. Life for the spectrum families is never easy at the best of times and a situation like this can be very trying. Grateful for my prayer warriors.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad to hear they are doing ok and I hope and pray things get worked on and fixed in the days to come. Life can change in an instant! You've had several scares lately! Love these pretty designs! hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your April Word Play is looking good, Arlene. Continuing to pray for the Bham family and their community and will say a special prayer for Baylor during this time. Thinking of you and wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Sandy said...

I am so glad they are ok. I read an article about the price of wood going up so much that an actual new build would cost more to build than it would appraise for. That is crazy. I hope the insurance companies do everyone right. Around here in the two years since Hurricane Michael, rates have doubled. They are just about making everyone get a new roof or double the premium. I will pray that all goes well for them and they can stay and get it done without leaving.

Georgia said...

Thank you so much for the updates. I love all of the stitching pictures you posted, there are couple that I have my eyes on. And, again, thank you so much for the updates from the tornadoes. I just got an email from Samaritan's Purse where they are sending in crews to help. My heart and prayers are for all, and I will say a special little prayer for Baylor. This must be very frightening to him.

Terri D said...

Prayers for all and thanks for keeping us updated. I always enjoy seeing your projects!!

Brenda said...

So correct. I started teaching in my forties...the principals and parents, wanted their special kids in some of my drama classes and even a few in English....South Carolina and West classes were enjoyable and peaceful...I remember we were performing Macbeth and one of the kids was coming after me as I stood in for A little special fellow got so upset...have to maintain consistent life every moment...special parents...prayers. I taught in two universities at night and some of the students did papers on special education classes...they were surprised to learn what they did. My hat is off to your family.

Mari said...

Some cute ones today! I like that cross stitch one, the crow one and that St Patricks one too.
Praying for Ben and family. Amazing they still have power!

Mary said...

I hope they are able to get the work done quickly and well and Baylor stays safe. It must be difficult having to watch him constantly. I want the 2 Irish ones but have 2 larger pieces that have to be done first. Always something new to want. Great progress on your April..I will post mine on instagram. It makes me happy!