Monday, March 15, 2021

The Grandest

 Time to share a few pictures of the grandest kiddos.  I just share the pictures I am I am not playing favorites here. You know Nana loves all her grands.

This young man had lunch at the local Mexican restaurant with his mama. He got special treatment after his surgery as he was out of school for a week. 

Joshua wearing his new overalls...or overhauls as we sometimes say in Georgia.  He managed to sneak into the pantry for a snack. As his daddy said, Hard to be annoyed with a boy as cute as this one.

Audrey is going to have to give up this hiding place soon. She is getting so tall. 

Kendall and Mom made it out to see Snow White at the Princess Theater. Kendall's friend, Beth, played Doc...the leader of the 7 Dwarves. 

And finally our Bham Boy....

He still has his you can see if you look closely. He wanted Grandpa to see his new GA Tech Shirt. Grandpa is so happy to have one grandson who is pulling for the GT. Grandpa told his mamma that when Elliott gets a little older he will teach him the GOOD WORD.   For those who do not know what that is...TO Hell with Georgia!! The two state schools enjoy a good rivalry.  At all the Ball Games the cheerleaders will call out, What's the Good Word and all those engineers get rowdy, if you can picture engineers getting  Marvin is a physicist but he did engineering work for many years. That was before he started watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon informed everyone that engineers are just the oompa loompas of Science.  We got a good laugh from that one. Thankful for my physicist/oompa loompa. 

  We did find our that my Kendall mobile is being totaled. Now to find a new car. After driving my Siena  mini van for all these years it will be hard to learn a new vehicle. As everyone knows, change is hard for matter the kind. 

Oh and Beware the Ides of March, dear friends.


Terri D said...

Great pictures of your kiddos! Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on the car shopping! So glad only the car was hurt! xo

Unknown said...

Your mind will be in a tizzy with all the new gadgets on the vehicles now! They need to publish a book explaining everything to us “newcomers),

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, what fun pictures of the Grands! Hard to pick a favorite, but I really like the one of Kendall and her friend! I am sorry that the Kendall Mobile is being totaled. I hope you find a new set of wheels to your liking. Have a wonderful week!

Sandy said...

My goodness they are all so cute. I am glad Marvin got one to wear a GT shirt. Who knows ? Maybe Elliot will join him as a GT alum. I am sorry to hear about the car. I had a wreck and totaled my vehicle that I drove for years like that. I had to make a quick purchase and bought an Acadia that I never really liked. That is when I decided on the truck I am driving now. I love it and plan to drive it until I can't or it can't. We will see. Time passes by quickly. I got it back in 2015 on Memorial Day weekend. I hope you find something you like the first time out.

Georgia said...

Arlene, you brought a smile to my day, your Grands are growing soooooo fast. I am sorry to hear your car is being totaled. And, change is indeed hard. The new cars are a real challenge, I am anxious to see what you choose. Have a blessed day to you and yours my friend:)

Carol said...

Such a cute gallery you shared with us today, Arlene... Love the little overalls on Joshua most of all as they remind me of my boys growing up--they practically lived in those things :)

Good luck with the car shopping--the idea of it makes my head spin! I'm still driving my old 2010 Honda CRV and haven't even adjusted to the gadgets on that one--the new ones will really be innovative, I'm sure. (Which in my mind, means hard to learn :) Enjoy your week! ♥

Mari said...

Such a cute bunch of grandkids!
Sorry about the car - but I know the perfect one is out there for you!