Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Stream

 Good Morning from sunny NoAla. Temps in the 70s this week which is lovely after our long and dreary winter. It seems we seldom saw the sun so we are basking in it now. Come take a dip in the stream.

1. Bee Update.  Not good news I am afraid. Our bees died in the last cold snap. There was honey in the hive to eat but it just got too cold. So Marvin is selling his hives and equipment. We gave it our best try but we both agree that Bees need a Bee Man who is there all the time.  My mother told me that my Granddaddy Tankersley walked around his hives every day. And he had great success. 

2. All the grand boys are doing well. Joshua is fever free. Landon goes for a recheck on his ear on the 16th and Elliott is still in his cast.  On the girl front, Audrey started playing soccer. We saw pictures after the game. Watching the little ones play soccer is always comical. But they are learning and enjoying some time outdoors which is a good thing.

3. I got in some of my spring clothes. If you have not shopped with Lands End in a while I recommend them to you. When the company was sold to Sears, I stopped ordering clothing from them. The quality was not there. But recently they have made an effort to compete with LLBean again it seems. Their ladies yoga pants are very nice for everyday wear and I wear them out and about as well. I got some capris and I am happy with them as well. Prices are very good for the quality of the garment.

4. Marvin and I will be fully immunized against covid on Friday. We have been told it takes two weeks after the second vaccine. My sisters got their first dose this week. They are caregivers for my 90 year old mother so that helped them to get in line. Niece Laura also got a vaccine as she works for the Court system and she has to make visits to the jail where she could be exposed so I am glad she got her first dose as well.   We are planning a trip to Savannah in April....woo excited about a trip. While we have been fortunate to be able to spend time at Grimmwood this last year, we are both ready to get back on the road. We had traveled a lot in 2019 and we so enjoyed those trips. 

5. A friend of ours is now traveling again on business. He went through the Atlanta airport last week and he reported to us that only ONE restaurant was open in the WHOLE terminal. I believe it was a pizza place. So if you do plan on taking a plane trip. Put some snacks in your carry on bag!!

6. Our son, Charles, is a professor at Georgia Highlands College. The state of Georgia opened vaccines to teachers but not COLLEGE teachers.  Alabama to the rescue. He was able to get an appt for his first vaccine in his home state. He will drive across the state line to Centre Alabama to be vaccinated. Thank you Alabama for being more progressive that your sister state. This mama thanks you! You may have seen our governor, Kay Ivey. She looks like anyone's grandmother. Most of us call her MeeMaw Ivey. She has the best Alabama accent too. Check her out on You Tube. Just Google Kay Ivey and there is a video of her reading Oh the Places You Will Go by Dr Suess. Enjoy!

Well time to get out of the stream and get busy! Have a good day friends.


Janice Samson said...

I flew through the Atlanta airport last week and found a fairly good selection of restaurants available in the middle of the day, including Bobby’s Burger Place where I ate lunch. I think, however, it depends on the time you’re there, because on our visit the previous week which was later in the evening, many restaurants and walk-up counters were closed.

Sandy said...

I get my first vaccine dose on Monday. Woohoo! I will be fully vaccinated by April. 5th. We have a wedding to go to in B'ham at the end of April. Jeff is officiating and we will be there all weekend, so I am happy to have that done. There are so many businesses hurting. Many are doing reduced hours. You almost have to check the web before you drive anywhere to shop. I think the fallout from all these lockdowns is truly not even felt yet. I for one and so grateful for our leadership in Florida. I would think Marvin must feel like I did trying to grow roses in sand here in hot and humid Florida. If I traveled just over the line in Alabama, I could have a much better chance. I actually feel relived now that I have dug them up. Too much work. Do y'all think you would ever move back to Grimmwood area?

Robin in Virginia said...

What an enjoyable wander in the stream, Arlene! I am sorry about the bees not surviving the cold snap. Which yoga pants do you prefer from Lands' End? I am looking to retire some of my pants which means I need to find replacements. I ordered a few t-shirts from Life is Good the other day and thought of you and Kendall. They have one that says "indoorsy". Glad to hear everyone is getting the vaccinations! I'm still waiting to qualify.

Georgia said...

Oh Arlene, thank you so much for sharing all of the good news today, you really brought a smile to my day. And, the Dr Seuss book, "The places you go,is my absolutely favorite of them all. I got this for my kids when they graduated from high school. Have a very blessed day my friend, and many blessings to you and yours:)


Linda said...

So sorry about your bees! If we were closer I would purchase your equipment!
On Monday Sherry and I will be helping a local beekeeper split 50 of their hives! What an educational opportunity for us! Then we will be ready to split at least two of our three hives in the next week!

Good news about all your grands! I have prayed for all of them at one time and another.

I love your road trips with Marvin!! Can't wait to see where 'we' get to go!!!

JustGail said...

I'm glad to hear Lands' End quality is coming back. I used to buy quite a bit from them, then stopped when Sears entered the picture. Not only because of the quality issues, but for their cutting way back on the amount of tall women's selections. I may check if they've expanded the tall selections again.

Sorry about losing the bees.

Carol said...

So sad about the bees, Arlene, but I believe you're right--it takes someone there all the time to watch over the hives. Will have to check out Land's End again--haven't bought from them in years. After this year of wearing mostly yoga pants, I could use a new pair or two!

Good luck with your vaccines tomorrow--it is a very liberating experience to have them both under your belt! ♥

Terri D said...

It is so good to be catching up with everyone and I sure enjoyed hearing about your grandkids. So sorry about the big bee experiment. At least y'all tried and made a good effort for it. You just can't beat the unpredictable seasons. Glad you have a trip planned and so glad you are now protected from COVID. Today is my day 14 after the second shot so I am protected now too (as are Elaine & Jim and Helen). We all got ours on the same day. Hugs!!