Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Fun

 I got so many lovely Easter cards this week. Thank you Friends. I recycle some of them as Book Marks. The artwork on them is just lovely.

I kept my promise and purchased two more candles from Miller Farm Candle Company.
The Southern Pecan Coffee is just amazing. I have it sitting on the table by my cozy chair where I do my devotions each day. Even unlit, it smells so good. 

Landon had a school project to work on during spring break week. 

Each student had to make a cereal using their hero as the inspiration. Landon chose George Lucas of Star Wars fame.  I love May the Taste be with you!  He better get an A on this homework.

I used the palms from Palm Sunday to make some crosses. Happy Easter Dear Friends. 

He is Risen!


Mary said...

How creative Landon is!!! May the taste be with you is such a great play on words, I agree, it's A+ worthy. I don't burn candles because of having 2 cats but boy, that scent sounds so and pecan pie, two of my favorites! Love your Bunny, Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a cool activity that Landon completed! Definitely an A+ in my book! Wishing you a blessed Easter weekend, Arlene!

Terri D said...

Landon's project is really great! I agree that he should get an A!! Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed Easter!!

Mari said...

I think Landon did great! He's a smart one.
I'm sure those new candles smell amazing.
Love your cards, and Happy Easter!

Sandy said...

Landon is a boy after my own heart with that box of cereal.

Miss Donna said...

He is risen indeed!