Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Happy Easter! I finished my April Word Play just in time.

 I brightened the colors and added some Easter Eggs.
Here they are hiding all the cords!! Oops one cord popped out for a snapshot. 

April Showers came out as well...this old Prairie Schooler Favorite always brightens the corner where it sits.

I thought I would share my trick on displaying square finishes. I added a bit of sheet metal to this Kirklands find. Magnet on the back of your stitching and you are in business,

Well after stitching Easter I decided to work on another holiday...Christmas. 

I found a big sled along with the chart that I was gifted out your craft closet is always interesting. You find all sorts of things you put away so well, you could not find them.

This can be an ornament or a table decoration.  I had not stitched on perforated paper in quite a while and I really enjoyed stitching in hand. 

I also finished Baylor's Christmas ornament on World Autism Awareness Day.

This boy loves all things cozy. I left off a hat and placed a B for Baylor.  This is a Heart in Hand chart. I got a good start on Margaret's ornament. 
You may remember that the book, Wonder, is one of her favorites. And yes that camel is charted in a dark brown....I thought Camels were lighter than that but I am not going to restitch it. :) Because I am the Lazy Stitcher. 

I received a bit of haul.

I am going to stitch Have a Cup of Cheer for my sweet Sara B. She is getting married on June 12th and I plan to get this done to add to her wedding gift. I nannied for Sara and Drew when they were younger and we always had a tradition that they came to my house for the morning. We had breakfast, shopped for a Christmas ornament and then came home to watch a Christmas movie and snack.  Since all young people are addicted to their Starbucks, I thought the Cup of Christmas Cheer was appropriate. I purchased this chart from Holiday House Crafts on ETSY. It was shipped from Flintstone, GA so it arrived quickly. You can order the individual Shannon Christine charts from her Christmas Club series that was very popular last year. 

I also wanted to share a new ( to Me) Floss Tuber...Cynthia Brew. I have had to find some new Floss Tube friends as many of the stitchers I watched in the past have really slowed down their channels. Cynthia is from Texas. She is a wife, mom and Believer. She does beautiful stitching along with other fabric crafts. And may I say, she has the most soothing voice. I guess that does not matter to some but I have always admired a beautiful speaking voice. When you have that East Tennessee Appalachian accent, like me, you marvel at smooth accents. While I am from north Ga, our speech is definitely Appalachian.  Check her out if you are looking for a new floss Tube friend.

Happy Stitching.


Mary said...

I love your version of the Word play, so cheerful and the addition of the eggs was a stroke of genius!! A metal strip is a better idea than a washer as it lays the stitch down flatter also. Love the PS Stitch. I had sent RJ a few of the sleds and that pattern as I found it impossible to stitch on perforated paper. Yours came out great. I hope you have a Blessed Easter!

Sandy said...

I do like the Starbucks cup in the stitch. That makes it very relevant for this younger generation. The ornaments will be so cute and stitches are great for covering up all those plugs.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I much prefer your brighter colors in your April word play (and the others you have stitched). Your sled Santa is awesome. Love your PS April piece; it is so classic. Well done on getting Baylor's ornament stitched and it looks you have gotten a good start on Margaret's. Looking forward to seeing the coffee piece stitched up! Wishing you a blessed weekend!

Margie said...

I had to go look up the April Showers piece. It is now on my wish list. Also checked out the Flosstube suggestion and saved that to watch this evening. Hubbies cowboy movies (for the tenth time) are not my cup of tea. Take care!

Mari said...

That magnet trick is great. You are so smart!
I love the sled and the stitching for it. So cute!

Terri D said...

It is always fun to see what you have done and what you have yet to finish. It is all lost on me except for your time and talent!! Those kiddos are so blessed to have your handiwork to treasure all their lives. xo

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I am so sorry being late in commenting, the weekend has been a busy one. I really enjoyed reading, your Friday & Saturday blog posts. Thanks for showing how you apply your stitched pieces with the magnets, I am going to have to try that especially for the seasonal and monthly stitches. Your BBD Bunny is great. And, I always love to hear about your Grands, the cereal idea is great. Have a blessed week my friend and enjoy the Spring weather.

Jennie in GA said...

Love all of your stitching, but especially love thrSanta.