Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Stream

 The Stream is rather shallow this am but let's see what is swimming around in Nana's mind.

1. It seems spring has finally sprung here. The snowball bushes are blooming along with the dogwoods and azaleas.  I will not be surprised if we have one more cold snap before it gets truly hot. I have worked in my closet a bit but Nana has left a few long sleeved shirts hanging within reach. 

2. With Spring comes doing some fixits around the house. I need to do some touch up paint to the front porch and just general cleaning out there. We need to get some mulch for the flower beds.....hoping Landon can help Grandpa with that chore.

3. Landon had his first soccer game of the season. They won 10 to zero. It was rather sad as the other team had much smaller and younger players.  Their coach also screamed, and I mean SCREAMED at them the whole game. What child would even want to play when the coach is so over the top. I heard one little girl say, I was doing my best. I wanted to go and give her a Nana hug.  Bless her heart.

4. We are going to Ben and Katy's on Saturday for Baylor's belated birthday party.  I dread seeing their neighborhood after it was ravaged by the tornado. Such is life in the south, however. While we are tornado aware we are always wary.

5. I have continued reading the Miss Read books. Thrush Green is my favorite neighborhood in this particular series. Marvin and I are watching Shitzel again. It is our "story". We have gotten quite attached to our friends in Jerusalem.  The baby girl on the show is named Devorah but they call her Devorahlea.( Devorala)  I think I will call my friend, Deborah that!!  It is a loving diminutive for Devorah( Deborah). 

6. Okay, Jeopardy fans...who is your favorite guest host? The Jeopardy producer...I cannot think of his name, was my favorite but Aaron Rogers is growing on me. He wins hands down in the looks department. He is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and he is engaged to one of my favorite actresses, Shailene Woodley. You may remember her from Divergent and The Fault in our Stars. If I ever need a good cry, I watch Steel Magnolias or The Fault in our Stars.  Honestly, every time Sally Field does the monologue in the cemetery I am weeping right along with her.  My cry point in the Fault in our Stars comes when Hazel Grace gets the phone call that Gus has died.  When I saw that movie in the theater I had some personal issues going on at the same time and it was all I could do not to break down completely.  Sometimes a good cry is good for what ails you.

Have a good day friends.


Sandy said...

My fix it list keeps growing. I just about have the yard in order. I am waiting on some new day lilies I ordered and then I will have all that done. I have garage steps to paint. I have been trying to do just a little bit everyday. We have a rainy day here today so I can rest and maybe put in some extra stitching time. I have not seen the movie you have talked about. I also never read Divergent. That series is on my Kindle but I think the time it came out I never got to it. Our Kindle was shared back then so I have what the kids got. I have so much to read that I really never need to leave the house:) That coach probably doesn't really even know how to coach so yell it is. Coaching is teaching ahead of time and during. I love to seen one take the kid and calmly explain what to do or what he did wrong. That goes miles with them. That is my thought.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I probably should find those books. I've been on a read the first few pages and stop on several books in a row, books not worth my time. I hate coaches to be that way with the young kids. Hopefully it will improve. Enjoy your day!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a lovely wander in the stream with you, Arlene! Congratulations to Landon and his team's soccer win. The opposing team's coach should be taken to the woodshed; there is no need or reason to treat his team in that manner. It sounds like you are keeping busy with the usual spring tidying up. As for Jeopardy, I miss Alex. It has been interesting to see what the guest hosts bring to the show. Enjoy your time at Baylor's birthday gathering.

Terri D said...

I enjoyed your stream and hope Baylor's birthday party will be uplifting for all! What a shame for the losing team that their coach was so hard on them. He just shouldn't be a coach. At least, not a coach for young kids. I probably would have said something to him. Sigh. Yes, I would have said something and then regretted it. Bully coaches should be replaced. I cry through Steel Magnolias. Haven't seen The Fault in our Stars. Will have to look for it. xo

Barbara said...

I am glad Spring is showing up in your area. We enjoyed driving through Alabama a few weeks ago and seeing all the white-blossomed trees. I don't know what they were, but the flowers looked like popcorn and were so pretty.

Mari said...

It was a good time in the stream. I'm sorry for the kids with that coach. It's so sad because that may end up spoiling their attitude about playing sports.

Mary said...

I enjoy your streams but it upsets me to hear about a coach screaming at the kids... Spring finally arrived this week, blooming daffodils make me so happy as it confirms Spring is here, trees are finally budding too. I really need to watch Steel Magnolias, one movie I missed and I never heard of The Fault either!! Have you watched UnOrthodox on Netflix? I enjoyed that show.