Monday, May 31, 2021

The Living Room

 I am sharing the living room today. Bear in mind that  the tv will eventually be wall mounted. For now I have my Savannah print up there to hide the plug ins.

As you enter the living room from the front door, this is to your left.

Believe it or not, these floors are ceramic tile. We did not know this until we moved in and Todd told me that they were ceramic. My favorite. Honestly I thought they were engineered hardwood.

Once the tv is on the wall you will be able to see the fireplace. The white coffee table will go to the sunroom. 

I am going around the room in a counter clockwise manner. This is the end of the living room.  I got the glass coffee table at a local consignment shop.  Looks brand new.

Back to the far wall and the door. Marvin has turned his chair so he could watch New Tricks without a neck ache.:) 

We really do like the one floor much easier for us old people.

Happy Memorial Day to all. I am not sure of our plans at the time I am writing this as Katy's precious mother, Pat, passed away on Saturday. Though it was expected, no one is ever prepared. Please remember Katy and her sisters in your prayers.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Non Stitching Saturday

 Well I have to be honest...not much stitching got done this week. I did pick up a piece last night and put some stitches in while watching New Tricks with Marvin. 

We are doing well with our unpacking. I hope to share some pictures on Monday. We went out shopping for some furniture today. Marvin got two small pieces for his teeny tiny man cave. He is really missing his big room on Jackson Way.  I got two small love seats for my sun room. Bonus is that they can make into twin beds. Great if we need them. I also picked up a piece for my television. It will be delivered on Thursday. We are going to purchase a new tv for the living room. It will be wall mounted thanks to son in law, Todd. I also have my eye on a new chandelier for the dining room. Todd offered to put that up for me as well. 

I have tried to pace myself and both Marvin and I take rests between unpacking. Today Marvin said that I seem to be accomplishing more while he seems to just be shuffling things around.:) 

I looked at the new charts on Hoffman's Friday Update yesterday and I was not even tempted by one thing. I am trying to concentrate on getting the things I have started, completed. 

I did order three new project bags from Brenda. Those are my birthday gifts from my sisters. I really hope that I can make it back to the North Alabama Stitching Days in June. I miss my friends there. Seeing all their lovely stitches is motivation for me. 

Hope to have something to show you next Saturday!

Friday, May 28, 2021

More Nana Bragging

 Since I bragged on Landon for his accomplishments, I am now turning to our Margaret.

This girl has had my heart from the moment she was placed in my arms.  A sweet, funny articulate little girl and now a beautiful young lady. 

She won the Soar Award at her school for having the top grade in all of her subjects. This does not surprise me but I am so proud of her because it has been a difficult year and yet she pressed on. 

She moved from the school she had known since kindergarten to a new school.

Covid changed school for everyone requiring more effort on the part of students and teachers.

A tornado touched down in their back yard and caused a lot of damage to their home.  What a terrifying event for an 11 year old.

Her much loved Granny Pat is very ill.  In fact as I type this post, the hospice nurse has told the family that Pat just a few days to live.  This is so hard. We went through it when Kendall and Landon lost their Granddaddy Wayne last year. 

And she has a brother who is autistic and none of us can really imagine the challenges that presents on a day to day basis. 

My hat is off to Ben and Katy for shepherding their children so beautifully through their every day life.

Congrats have done well.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Goodbye Hello

 The last piece of furniture is leaving Nanaland. I guess the new address will be Nanaland Too.:) I am so clever.  

Closing happened on Tuesday morning. Move was completed at 7:30 pm. We were the afternoon job and the morning job ran over so the guys did not arrive until 3 pm. Y'all know me well enough to know I was not exactly happy about the lateness. It is one of my pet peeves. However, we had to make the best of things. Brad and his crew did a great job. His late father owned the company when we moved to Jackson Way and Mr B was known for marking things with pieces of masking tape. Well being the good housekeeper that I am I had missed a piece of tape on the bed in the guest room. It was an an obscure place in my defense. Well Brad spotted it right away...there is Daddy's chicken scratch. He took a photo of it with his cell phone as he keeps the photos of his dad's handwriting when he spots it. Mr B passed away in 2017 and is much missed, 

Now I am sitting in my cozy chair in the master bedroom, surrounded by boxes. However I am exhausted and I have decided I can take my time unpacking now that everything is moved. I will get our bedroom set up today then work on other rooms. I will need to rethink some things, donate some things and purchase a few organizational items.  Marvin had an early morning drs appointment which finished early so he met his fellow Romeos at Panera.( Real Old Men Eating Out)  Then he was going to the gym. Obviously Mr Go to the Gym daily is in better shape than sit in the cozy chair me.  But I will get back to my walking routine once I get everything unpacked and in order. I have figured out that it is about a mile to walk to Daily Mass and back on the days I can attend. Spiritual and physical exercise. 

I plan to share pictures here on the Blog as I get rooms put together. So thankful for this new house and the new opportunities it affords us. 

Monday, May 24, 2021

This and That

 Congrats to Landon and his team for winning his age group's Decatur Soccer Trophy.

His  sister, Reagan, also won a trophy for her team while little Stella( with the blue hair) won a participation medal. Their age group is just learning so no tournaments for them.
Meanwhile the Canton Grimmlins got summer pictures done.

Joshua is still not a fan of having pictures made!! Thanks to Victoria Nielson for her great pictures of the grands. She has made all the formal pictures of Audrey and Joshua and they are excellent. 

I have two tv show recommendations...with moving I am in my recliner at the end of the day and I need something to distract me. 

Check out Kim's Convenience on Netflix. It is about a Korean family and their ups and downs as they run a convenience shop in Ontario, Canada.  Now my favorite right now is Inside the Merchant on Amazon Prime. It is the behind the scene picture of running a very upscale hotel in Belfast, Ireland. I am always interested in this kind of program....believe me I would never make it as a maid at the Belfast. Those rooms must be SPIC and SPAN. When patrons are paying 300 pounds a night for a room at this hotel they expect no less. 

And finally a sneak peek at the new house. 

When you live at The have a horse head on your mailbox.

The previous owner has some beautiful flower beds. I just hope I can keep them going.

I would like to get the poured concrete curbings in the future. I think they are much easier to keep tidy with the wide barrier. And it looks nicer as well. I also need to get some new mulch for the beds before Summer's heat bears down on us. 

Tomorrow night we should be sleeping in our own bed at our new house. What a blessing that will be. 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Moving Time

 We had our final walk through at the new house and today we close on the deal.  This weekend will be spent moving as much as we can to the new house. Movers will be here on Tuesday morning to load up the furniture and get it to its new home. 

It is a bittersweet time for sure. We have lived here for 12 years....welcomed Margaret, Baylor, Elliott, Audrey and Joshua here at Nanaland.  We have made some very good friends in this neighborhood. We will really miss Jerry and Janet, who have become like family to us over the years. 

One of my good friends from nursing school really championed our move to a one story home. She has had some health issues over the last year or so and the stairs in her home have become a real issue.  Another nursing school friend shared that she has fallen down the stairs in her townhome so she would love to move to a one story home as well. ( Can you tell that my nursing school facebook messenger group has been gabbing lately?) I do respect their opinions and their approval.

Having a smaller home will be good in many ways as I do not have the energy I once had for cleaning. And while Marvin is a big help, as one of my friends puts it....every now and then the house needs a Mama Cleaning. Men just do not seem to see the dirt that we ladies spy out.  While I always pictured having a big home that all the children and the grandchildren would return to, it really is not realistic for us.  Our children really enjoy Grimmwood and while it is even smaller than our new house, we can sit on the porch and the kids can run and play outside. So that is more of our "family" home. Plus it is on the farm where my children spent many of their growing up years. I am glad that they have those memories. 

So onward to a new adventure. I am sure once we are moved and everything is in place, we will be glad that we took the leap. But for now we are just POOPED.:) And speaking of being pooped, there will not be a Stitching Saturday this week as Todd and Amelia are graciously helping us on Saturday and I will be busy. I will be back when we are in the new house!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Thank You

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week. I got several pretty cards.

Marvin took me out for dinner.
All in all it was a great birthday!

We are in the midst of chaos with packing boxes and materials all around the house. I must say that having Marvin home to help with the packing is nice. He is a great helper and very organized.  We have done most of the packing. Now I need to start doing some cleaning.  When you move you find out where those problem areas are in your home.:) 

We close on our new house on Friday then we close on this house next Tuesday. So we have some days to move things on our own and to get organized a bit before the movers arrive here on Tuesday. I was hoping I could book them for Monday but with all the real estate madness here in our area I had to take Tuesday. I must admit that I will be glad to have everything moved to the new house, then I can take my time unpacking. 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Audrey Turns Six

 We were fortunate to be able to stop in Atlanta on our way home to spend the night with the Canton Grimms and attend Audrey's sixth birthday party. 

Bet you cannot guess the theme....:)
Even Daddy had a unicorn shirt for this party.
Audrey and her mini me. Nancy's shirt says Mommy of the Birthday Girl.
After several tries we got a family photo.
Behind the scenes, Joshua was pitching a hissy fit.:)
The birthday girl with her unicorn cupcakes. Publix made this and it was delicious.  These children are growing up way too fast for Nana.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 This one will be short and sweet. With all the excitement here in Nanaland, I decided to stitch monogamously on projects for now. I have one project bag out and I can concentrate on one piece of stitching. This really paid off as I finished Feast of Friendship by Blackbird Designs.

Pardon the wrinkles as it was fresh off the qsnaps. Is there anything as exciting as putting that last stitch into a big project. I started this in the fall of 2020.  So about nine months to complete this pretty thing.  Is it perfect? No I got off count and had to fudge a few places. But what else is new...that seems to happen to me a lot lately. Blackbird Designs are very forgiving in that department as their designs are a bit wacky.  My philosophy is that unless you are stitching a model, what is wrong with a few mistakes?  I doubt anyone is going to sit down with the chart and try to find out where I am off!  It will probably be a while before I take it to be framed.  I really enjoyed stitching on this fabric and when I checked my stitching notebook to find out what I had stitched it on, I had not written it down!!! 

I did do some spending as I heard that Notforgotten Farm was having a sale in their ETSY shop. Notforgotten Farm is the designer for Tis Spring, the big bunny I stitched for Deborah.  I cannot remember her given name but she has a Floss Tube channel now and I always enjoy watching her vlogs. Her 90 something year old mom recently moved in with them and she was a guest on the latest one. I enjoyed seeing all her stitching. It was an encouragement for me!

I chose Thomas and In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman.  Be sure and check out her ETSY shop. She is a very prolific designer.

I also received some stitchy love from two of my favorite stitchy friends.  It is always fun to open the mailbox and find a sweet surprise.  I also want to thank those of you who took time to send me a birthday card. Monday is my birthday and with the move, not sure how much I will celebrate.  Marvin says he bought me a house for my birthday. However, he is buying the bar stools from the owner of the house we are purchasing. They are a bright apple green and just perfect for that kitchen. I am leaving my bar stools here for the new owner to use or get rid of as she sees fit. I believe they are doing some painting etc before moving in. 

After finishing Feast of Friendship, I took out Lady Liberty by Blackbird Designs. I hope to finish the stitching so I can make my drum by July 4th. Thanks to Silver Needle for this photo of a finished drum.

Happy Birthday to Joshua who is two today. 
He and Audrey were showing me their skills on the piano!! Love you Little Buddy.  He really enjoyed his Sissy's birthday party. He ran all over the park...and Nana and Grandpa had to chase after him. I finally got him to sit in my lap by feeding him a cupcake.
I will be sharing Audrey's birthday on Monday. 

Friday, May 14, 2021

On the Road

 Well after Covid kept us home, once vaccinated we were ready to get on the road again. So back in March, we booked a week at Tybee Island.  At the time we had no plan to move. The trip was paid for so we took off for a week in the midst of real estate transactions. We are wild people!!

We had such a good time in Savannah, visiting family and enjoying the beautiful scenery there. Our weather was perfect. 

We went to Mass at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It was our first time to participate in the Mass at such a beautiful church.  

We stopped in one of the squares to get a selfie and a lovely tourist took pity on us and snapped this picture for us.  Savannah is a beautiful city.

We got to visit with cousins we had not seen in quite a while. Marvin ferried his sister and his cousin, Mary Sue up to the home place in Sylvania, Ga to visit cousins there.

The two older ladies in the middle are first cousins and also first cousins of our dear Mama Ga. Mary Sue is second from left and is almost 90 years old. Can you believe that? She is amazing. Next to her is Betty Sue who is 86.  Nancy who is next to Betty Sue is a WW2 war bride. She married into the family. She still has a bit of her English accent. Nancy and I took a picture together because we are the outlaws.:) 

We enjoyed some days at the beach and visiting our niece and nephew, Ami and Benjamin.

Now you see why we need someone to take our pictures. :) Selfie experts we are NOT.

We ate some good seafood at a restaurant out on the marsh called CoCo's.

We also had a reminder that God ordains our steps. We were able to visit with Mary Sue's son, Carter, and his wife, Patty. They were at their beach house for a visit. I cannot remember the last time we saw them. But the day before our visit with them, they had found out that their three year old grandson received a diagnosis of autism.  Marvin and I hope that we gave them some encouragement in their journey. As I have said before, it is a club you do not want to belong to!!Marvin told Carter that we are not experts in autism but we see our job as grandparents to be encouragers for our children as they parent their spectrum child. 

Now we are back home and packing like crazy!! It is nice to have these pictures to remember the fun days we had in Georgia.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Our Real Estate Journey

 I will tell you how we came to buy a house which resulted in us selling our present town home. Marvin and I find ourselves at Annunciation a lot since being confirmed there.  So we took a ride around the neighborhood behind the church. It would be nice to be able to walk to daily mass. Marvin is working with the St Vincent DePaul society so he is at church quite a bit. In addition he attends the mens group that meets on Saturday mornings at SEVEN.  The bad thing about this neighborhood is that houses seldom go up for sale there. One recently came on the market but it was sold before I could even go and look at it. Marvin and I began to pray that if we were supposed to move, God would bring the right house for us to the market.  Here in Decatur, real estate moves so quickly that realtors tell their clients to have a house to move to before selling their present home or they could be homeless.  Well a nice house came on the market...we went to look at it as soon as possible and we won the bid on the house. Yes, you pay above asking price in most cases.  So we are moving to The FARM. ( the name of the subdivision). Here is a picture of our new house.

Believe it or not most of the colors in the new house are the same or similar to colors here in my present home so no painting needed. It is 2000 square feet and all on one level. There are stairs to the attic which is a plus. The yard is small but Marvin has already purchased a battery powered lawn mower to mow it. I may help him a bit!  It will be nice to go back to a single home, no worries about bothering neighbors with noise etc.  The home is in a nice neighborhood with a park and a lake. I plan to do lots of walking there! 

We put our house on the market and it sold in 7 days. Being a townhouse was not in our favor and our town home is a middle unit so it had to be someone who did not care about that as well.  But the right people came along and we close on both houses at the end of the month. 

So the next two weeks I will be packing like a whirlwind. I have already packed up two rooms so I feel I can get it done. We will have about three days at our new house before we close on the townhome so we can move some of the fragile things before the movers arrive. 

And in the midst of this, we had a trip planned to Tybee Island/Savannah that was already paid for so we had to go! More on that on Friday. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Back in the Saddle

 I am back to blogging. Here are a few of the reasons I took a blog break. Details to follow this week.

1. Bought a new home.

2. Put our townhome on the market and sold it in one week.

3. Travelled to Tybee Island Georgia for a week. This was planned for and paid for before we totally lost our minds and decided to move. 

So now you can see why I needed a break.  It was a hectic time and will continue to be hectic until we are settled in our new home.  Thanks so much for the sweet messages I received from so many of you. I truly missed blogging and being a part of our great community.