Friday, May 14, 2021

On the Road

 Well after Covid kept us home, once vaccinated we were ready to get on the road again. So back in March, we booked a week at Tybee Island.  At the time we had no plan to move. The trip was paid for so we took off for a week in the midst of real estate transactions. We are wild people!!

We had such a good time in Savannah, visiting family and enjoying the beautiful scenery there. Our weather was perfect. 

We went to Mass at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It was our first time to participate in the Mass at such a beautiful church.  

We stopped in one of the squares to get a selfie and a lovely tourist took pity on us and snapped this picture for us.  Savannah is a beautiful city.

We got to visit with cousins we had not seen in quite a while. Marvin ferried his sister and his cousin, Mary Sue up to the home place in Sylvania, Ga to visit cousins there.

The two older ladies in the middle are first cousins and also first cousins of our dear Mama Ga. Mary Sue is second from left and is almost 90 years old. Can you believe that? She is amazing. Next to her is Betty Sue who is 86.  Nancy who is next to Betty Sue is a WW2 war bride. She married into the family. She still has a bit of her English accent. Nancy and I took a picture together because we are the outlaws.:) 

We enjoyed some days at the beach and visiting our niece and nephew, Ami and Benjamin.

Now you see why we need someone to take our pictures. :) Selfie experts we are NOT.

We ate some good seafood at a restaurant out on the marsh called CoCo's.

We also had a reminder that God ordains our steps. We were able to visit with Mary Sue's son, Carter, and his wife, Patty. They were at their beach house for a visit. I cannot remember the last time we saw them. But the day before our visit with them, they had found out that their three year old grandson received a diagnosis of autism.  Marvin and I hope that we gave them some encouragement in their journey. As I have said before, it is a club you do not want to belong to!!Marvin told Carter that we are not experts in autism but we see our job as grandparents to be encouragers for our children as they parent their spectrum child. 

Now we are back home and packing like crazy!! It is nice to have these pictures to remember the fun days we had in Georgia.


Sandy said...

I love the pictures. The one of you and Marvin after church? is wonderful of you too. The church and beach are both beautiful. It does me good to visit with relatives. We are all so busy with our own families but yet it does the soul good to reconnect. I am glad you were able to provide encouragement because I know you did just that. Now, on to lots of packing and sorting and planning and all that good stuff.

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I totally enjoyed your journey through your photos. What wonderful photos you shared! Wishing you well as you begin the process of packing for your move. Thinking of you.

Gabi said...

Nice pictures and yes, I agree, Savannah is a beautiful town. Visited many years ago.
Greetings from Germany

Georgia said...

Oh Arlene, these pictures are wonderful. You and Marvin, look so rested and healthy. The picture of you two in front of the fountain, should be framed:) The Cathedral is stunning, I love the old high ceilings and stain glass windows. The music was probably wonderful. As for your move, God Bless You and Yours, with this exciting journey. Your home will be a blessing to many. Looking forward to your future posts and wondering where your are going to hang all of your beautiful cross stitch:)

Mary in AR said...

Arlene, the Cathedral is stunning! Reminds me so much of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. My parents were married there and I was baptized there.Gary and I hope to visit Savannah someday. Good luck with your packing and moving! I owe you an email :)

Mari said...

That is a gorgeous church! I really like that phot of you and Marvin too. Glad you were able to take this trip. I know you were a great encouragement to Carter and Patty.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It looks like a perfect trip! I know you are excited now about the big move! Take care of yourself this week. Hugs!

Jennie in GA said...

I love Savannah, it is such a pretty and historic city. It was probably nice to take a break from packing. And how special to spend time with those relatives. You are lucky to have them.