Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 This one will be short and sweet. With all the excitement here in Nanaland, I decided to stitch monogamously on projects for now. I have one project bag out and I can concentrate on one piece of stitching. This really paid off as I finished Feast of Friendship by Blackbird Designs.

Pardon the wrinkles as it was fresh off the qsnaps. Is there anything as exciting as putting that last stitch into a big project. I started this in the fall of 2020.  So about nine months to complete this pretty thing.  Is it perfect? No I got off count and had to fudge a few places. But what else is new...that seems to happen to me a lot lately. Blackbird Designs are very forgiving in that department as their designs are a bit wacky.  My philosophy is that unless you are stitching a model, what is wrong with a few mistakes?  I doubt anyone is going to sit down with the chart and try to find out where I am off!  It will probably be a while before I take it to be framed.  I really enjoyed stitching on this fabric and when I checked my stitching notebook to find out what I had stitched it on, I had not written it down!!! 

I did do some spending as I heard that Notforgotten Farm was having a sale in their ETSY shop. Notforgotten Farm is the designer for Tis Spring, the big bunny I stitched for Deborah.  I cannot remember her given name but she has a Floss Tube channel now and I always enjoy watching her vlogs. Her 90 something year old mom recently moved in with them and she was a guest on the latest one. I enjoyed seeing all her stitching. It was an encouragement for me!

I chose Thomas and In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman.  Be sure and check out her ETSY shop. She is a very prolific designer.

I also received some stitchy love from two of my favorite stitchy friends.  It is always fun to open the mailbox and find a sweet surprise.  I also want to thank those of you who took time to send me a birthday card. Monday is my birthday and with the move, not sure how much I will celebrate.  Marvin says he bought me a house for my birthday. However, he is buying the bar stools from the owner of the house we are purchasing. They are a bright apple green and just perfect for that kitchen. I am leaving my bar stools here for the new owner to use or get rid of as she sees fit. I believe they are doing some painting etc before moving in. 

After finishing Feast of Friendship, I took out Lady Liberty by Blackbird Designs. I hope to finish the stitching so I can make my drum by July 4th. Thanks to Silver Needle for this photo of a finished drum.

Happy Birthday to Joshua who is two today. 
He and Audrey were showing me their skills on the piano!! Love you Little Buddy.  He really enjoyed his Sissy's birthday party. He ran all over the park...and Nana and Grandpa had to chase after him. I finally got him to sit in my lap by feeding him a cupcake.
I will be sharing Audrey's birthday on Monday. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, congratulations on your Feast of Friendship piece! It looks fabulous. You picked up a couple neat charts from Lori at Notforgotten Farm. I think you will enjoy stitching the snowman one; it was a fun stitch. Love the picture of you and Joshua! Hard to believe he is 2. Enjoy your weekend!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to you and the kids. I have been so busy and distracted with things that I forgot your birthday. That is really not like me. I am going to have to put myself in timeout.
The feast of friendship is really lovely. It indeed feels good to finish a big one. I have far too many large ones started. Not too good for me. I did finish a small for Lindsay to hang on her cabinet for summer. Take care and enjoy that birthday in between packing and planning.

Carol said...

What a beautiful finish, Arlene! I wish you a lovely birthday on Monday--I'd say that new house may be the best gift ever :) Joshua has grown up so fast--I do wish we could keep them littler longer. My grandson is a busy, busy 10 month old now--where has the time gone? Happy 2nd birthday to your sweet guy ♥

Georgia said...

Arlene, Your blog post really brought a smile to my day...I had to chuckle at the last picture of you and Joshua. You are wearing glasses with sun glasses on top of your head, while feeding him cupcake, while he has his hand in a bag of SunChips:) It is hard to believe he is two already. Your BBD Feast of Friendship is beautiful, and it will be fun to see it framed for your first Thanksgiving, in your new home. Have a very Happy Birthday, my friend...

Terri D said...

Joshua is two already?!!! What a handsome young man! Happy birthdays to him, to you, and Audrey! What fun!! I enjoyed your stitching! I don't see any errors! xo

Mari said...

That piece turned out just beautiful!
Happy Birthday to sweet Joshua. He's growing too quick.
And Happy Birthday to you too!