Wednesday, June 30, 2021


This has been a rough week here in Nanaland.  My sisters had to finally insist that my mom have a sitter in her home. This did not go over well.  As we have decided, we have to do the right thing for Mother even though she does not see it that way. 

Then Marvin had a flare up of his Sciatica which leaves me with the chores as well as making sure Audrey has a good time while she is here with us.  I have prayed to have a good attitude as I know many who have real problems. When one of my nursing school friends shared the above meme on Facebook, I knew it was for me. Maybe it is for you as well on this Wednesday morning.

 Audrey and I picked up some flowers at the grocery store and I put them in this pretty pottery pitcher that I got in New Mexico eight years ago.  Sometimes we all need some pretty flowers to lift our spirits. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Down on the Farm

 We spent a few days at Grimmwood. 

I spent one day with Mother, doing her laundry. Around noon, sister Leta came in the door with a bushel of rattlesnake green beans to break and can! It has been a while since I have helped with canning but it all came back. Only now we have air conditioning and a big fan in the kitchen. When I was a girl it was very hot work!

These beans came from Holcomb Farms which is up the road in Crandall, Georgia. One of the farmers is a friend of Leta's.  They knew each other when Leta taught school. Now her friend is home with her little ones as this farm is doing well in supplying a lot of people with quality produce.  Mother remarked that she had found only one bean that had a "bug bite" on it. We got three canners fun of pint jars processed.

These will taste good in the winter!

I caught this picture from my back door one late afternoon.
I love the way the sun was playing in the trees. 

Bruce lost a cow while we were there. She had calved about three weeks ago and seemed to be doing well but she died with her little calf beside her. They were able to get the calf up and on a bottle.

It is the sweetest thing. Although Bruce doesn't think so as he got butted in the shins while getting this little bull into the pen.:) We all felt so sorry for him...he had been through some trauma and was hungry but scared. In several days he will be attached to Leta and Bruce as they will be bottle feeding him. He is a handsome fella.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 Another Week of monogamy! This time I worked on Tis the Season by Blackbird Designs.

I can feel a finish coming. I am stitching this on a piece of Colour and Cotton fabric and it is so nice to stitch on! I may have to go to their website and order some more of their product. I would call this color a pale pistachio. I believe I got this in a kit once upon a time and it had been languishing in my fabric stash. I am using my favorite red for the cardinal and the berries. Classic Colorworks Cupid. I am using colors from my stash on this one. So it does not resemble the finished Blackbird chart but I love it and look forward to completing it. Thanks to my cousin, Dewilla, who encouraged me to take this one on.

I received an order from Kitten Stitcher. 

I had heard lots of floss tube chatter on Holey Moleys. So I ordered some. They can be floss rings or gift enclosures. I was running low on my stitcher girl notecards so I got a new set of those as well. Unfortunately the fabric I ordered was out of stock. 

Here are the Holey Moleys close up.

I found a new floss tuber this week, again thanks to my cousin. Check out Xan at BandLady Stitcher. She is from the Memphis area and I really enjoyed her videos. She went to Stitch Con so one of the videos is about a first timer's experience there. 

I have not decided what I am going to work on next....possibly G Legere. It needs some love. 

Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Dad and His Princess

 Amelia and Todd treated me and Marvin to a lovely Father's Day lunch at the Freight House in Hartselle. We all love the Freight House. It is located in the old train station at Hartselle,  Marvin got calls from the two boys and we got to FaceTime with Charles and sweet Joshua kept saying, Hey.  You know we have been worried about his hearing and to hear that baby boy speak clearly is such a blessing. 

Tuesday Todd came over and hung up our new smart tv. We have moved into the NEW age.  Frankly we would prefer to remain dinosaurs but we realize that you have to move with the technology. We had been using fire sticks on our old tvs so this one is a treat. It also pulls away from the wall and tilts. Thankful for such a handy son in law!!

I also attended my first Bible Study at our new church and I met some lovely ladies. The study is very good and I look forward to becoming a regular member of this group.   Our priest, Father Merrill, came over to bless our new home. He stayed for dinner and we had a chance to get to know him better.  

Our lives have changed a lot since COVID and now we are having time to slow down and enjoy the changes. Several have asked how we like our new home and we love it. Once we get the garage cleared out we will be settled in. Right now we still have some things in the garage that need to be donated to the thrift store. I need to organize what is left and we have our fingers crossed that we can put BOTH cars in the garage.  

Well that is enough rambling for today....we head to Grimmwood tomorrow. And we bring Audrey home with us for a week on Saturday! I hope my energy holds out.:)

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Grimmlins at Grimmwood

 Ben took Margaret and Elliott to Grimmwood for a visit over the weekend. Elliott has become quite the fisherman.

Margaret is growing up on me!! 
They went to see Grandma Margie.
I love this picture of Elliott waving at one of Bruce's herd.
Brother and Sister down on the Farm.
I am so glad my grands get to experience some of the country life.

Aunt Kristi and Elliott. Aunt Kristi is feeding the fish and Elliott told her he would catch them.:)

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Stitching

 The winner of Beggar's Christmas is Jennie in Georgia. Please send me your snail mail address at Congrats on winning this cute chart.   Thanks to all who left a comment. Keep watching for more give aways on Saturday Stitching.  And Dianna, thanks for your comments. I am so glad to see you back on Blogger. Could you send me a link for your blog at my email address? Would love to add you to my blog roll again. 

I had a productive week. I finished my Lady Liberty by Blackbird.



I have to tell on myself...I was on Facebook messenger with my stitchy friend, Carol H. She lives at the Glens and we have been planning a stitching day for forever. We are both busy gals and so far we have not been able to get together but we chat a lot online. I had shared my drum with her and I was mad because I had sewed Lady Liberty facing the BACK of the drum. Focus Arlene Focus.  I even posted it on Instagram last night trying to fudge the mistake. I woke up this morning and put my big girl panties on and decided I had put too much work into that piece to let it be WRONG. So I took it apart and re stitched it. It took me 20 minutes. I was in a stew over nothing!!! So hopefully I learned my lesson. This drum is stitched on 36 count weathered Shingle. I used all the called for flosses. 

I took Feast of Friendship to my framer, Kitty at The Middle House. I cannot wait to see it finished and hanging in the sun room. 

I also finished up the Christmas ornament I made for Sara B. I did not get to attend the wedding but the pictures are just perfection. I nannied for Sara and her brother, Drew, when they were young so they are very special to me. I had Sara's wedding gift sent to her by the local Jeweler's shop where she was registered but I wanted to do something special for her for her first Christmas with her groom, Charlie.

I backed the piece with a piece of pink polka dot and I added a heart with the year and my name.  When Sara and Drew were little, every Christmas I would go and get them early one morning. We would go to buy a Christmas ornament for each of them. Then we came back to my home, had lots of yummy snacks and watched Christmas movies.  As I told their mom, Susan, Those were the good old days!! 

I have been stitching monogamously on Though He Seemeth Sleeping. I completed pages one and two this week. I am not really happy with my choice of fabric( Ivory 18 count) but I am going to give it a bath in tea/coffee when it is completed. I used the DMC flosses so I can do that without worry of the colors running.  On to work on my Blackbird Cardinal for a while. 

I have finally had time to put out some of my July 4th pieces.

Barbara at Sweet Tea and Sandals stitched the small Liberty for me. I love it. The old plate was in some of Mama G's things. Uncle Sam is a TJ Maxx find from years ago.

This year's dough bowl.
My bowl full of Lady Patriots from the Little House Needleworks series.  Also my small flag from Knee High by the 4th of July by Hands on Designs. 

I miss the end of the breakfast bar at Jackson Way. It was perfect for sharing seasonal items. I am using the corner of the island and that works fairly well. More adjustments as we settle into a new house.

I ordered one new chart. This is for Grimmwood.

I have not decided which barn I will do.....they are all so cute. 

I got a beautiful hand made card in the mail from my blog/you tube friend, Gina.

I have it on my desk so I can see it each day!! Gina shared a cute piece on her You Tube channel. It is perfect for holding cards so you can enjoy them. I am going to be on the lookout for something similar. What I make with my hands, I give with my heart! I think that is true of all of us crafty ladies. Happy Stitching.

Friday, June 18, 2021

The Prince of Nanaland

 Well I know you all love Joshua pictures so I thought I would share some with you today. That little boy is just precious, even if I am his Nana.

Off to save the world.
Pool Time...
Sleepy Baby....those hands. How quickly those baby hands grow into big boy hands.

In honor of Father's Day on Sunday, I have to share this picture of my young and handsome Daddy. As you may remember my grandfather, my daddy, Charles and Joshua all carry the middle name, Clifford. That makes me so see that name live on in the generations of  our family. Happy Father's Day Daddy. I miss you and think of you often.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Down on the Farm and the River

 Last week we were able to get to Grimmwood for the first time since moving. Believe me, Marvin had a job getting everything mowed. We were happy to see that our Hostas, transplanted from Jackson Way, were flourishing.

It was pretty rainy the whole time we were there. 

Our neighbors across the road have a beautiful view of Fort Mountain but there was fog obscuring the view as we locked the gate and headed for Alabama.

Pardon the power lines but this is the country. No underground utilities.

As we approached Decatur, we took the old route to get to our new address. This involves crossing the Tennessee River just as you enter the city of Decatur. What should we see there but a riverboat? With covid it has been quite a while since one has been spotted on the River.

The boat docks near downtown Decatur where there are shops and eateries.
As you can see from this vantage there are lots of homes and businesses on the river as well. When we lived in Point Mallard we could see the River Boats on the River from one of our upstairs bedrooms. We would hear the calliope playing as it was moving along and we raced upstairs to see it. We are easily amused in the Grimm fam. 

Amelia and her crew have been traveling in New England. I finally got some pics of the teenage grands.

Kendall is still cautious about covid. I was glad to see she lost the mask as the vacation wore on. :) They did some hikes, went on a whale watching expedition and took a cog railway to the top of a mountain in New Hampshire. ( I hope they waved to Mrs T)  They ended their vacation in Rhode Island on the ocean. I hope these kiddos know how fortunate they are to have parents who take them places!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Last Room Tour

 I finally got my bedroom unpacked. Some pictures are going to the children, some things are going to be donated and eventually the cozy chair will be moved to my sunroom.

As you enter the bedroom area, there is a nice little hall. The laundry room is off this hall but it is just a laundry room. One bonus is the big utility sink. I have never had one before so it is a treat when it is time to fill up the mop pail.

I am adding a few pieces of cross stitch on this wall. ...along with two special crosses. 
With so few shelves I am using the dresser for photos. 
The blue is a bit more vibrant than the blue on Jackson Way but I am rolling with it. Got some new shades for the bedside lamps. You may see one of the small black chairs in the corner. That helps me clean the lower parts of the room. :)
Cozy chair I love that big window. The previous owner also had nice Roman Shades over the binds. That really makes for good sleeping.
A bathroom is a bathroom...This one does have a nice big shower with glass doors that are much easier to keep clean than the shower at Jackson Way!! We have enjoyed the big cabinet as well. Marvin has the top and I have the bottom shelves. So handy for all the bathroom needs without showing the world all your private things.:) I love the floors...The grout is gray....which is much nicer looking than white that I could never keep clean. 

And some big family news....Niece, Laura is engaged.

Glad to have Nick joining the fam!!