Thursday, June 3, 2021

Auxiliary Rooms

 Today I am sharing the guest room, the man cave and the guest bathroom. Plus I have something new for you to see. 

This is the guest bedroom. The only changes from Jackson Way is the color of the room. It is an apple green rather than the Nantucket Gray I have loved for years. However I love this brighter green. I added my pear print that was in the Living Room and the blue and white prints I had used in my old laundry room.  I moved the small armoire from our Master Bedroom into the guest room. With this house being smaller I was happy to make some changes to accommodate all my things.

Here is my craft room door. 

Sorry but I will not be opening this up any time soon!! 
I am still using Red Sky at Night by Prairie Schooler on the bedside table. 

Here is a glimpse of Marvin's man cave. 

The green rocker will be going to Ben's house. Marvin does miss his great big room but we all make sacrifices for the good of all. 

The guest bathroom is smaller than our previous guest bath but I used all the same decor. Pardon the print over the commode, it needs to be lowered. I just hung it on a nail that was there.

The color is not showing up true as it is a small dark room. It is the same color as the sunroom. 
Thanks to a gift card to Hobby Lobby from my friend, Susan, I picked up this cute pear print. I need to lower it a bit as well. The former owner used bigger prints than I am using. 

Now for the change. Remember this chandelier?

Well my Amazon order arrived and son in law, Todd came and put the new light fixture together and hung it for me. I love it. No more "Granny" here on Clydesdale.

I love it.  The other chandelier is very nice but just not my taste. It will be donated to the Habitat Restore here in Decatur and someone will be able to use it and love it.

Furniture for the Sunroom will arrive tomorrow so  I hope to share that on Friday. I will be doing a Saturday Stitching on Saturday and then the Master Bedroom and Bath on Monday and The Big Move Blog Posts will be done. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, what lovely rooms you shared. The guest room is very warm and inviting. Marvin's man cave looks cozy. Your new chandelier is perfect.

Carol said...

I love how well your furniture colors all fit in with the paint colors in your new home, Arlene! As far as small guest bathrooms go, I have the same problem with mine--it is exactly the size of yours judging by the photos. We did put a skylight in which makes it seem bigger, but I wish it actually was bigger! I think Marvin's space will be the perfect size once the green rocker is out. Really impressed at how quickly you've gotten unpacked and even got pictures hung up :)

Jan said...

Everything is beautiful!

Terri D said...

You have made amazing progress! Wow! The apple green color is so nice. I am partial to green anyway. Your new chandelier is beautiful! I love it! Thanks for the tour!! xo

Terri D said...

You have made amazing progress! Wow! The apple green color is so nice. I am partial to green anyway. Your new chandelier is beautiful! I love it! Thanks for the tour!! xo

Sandy said...

The lighting is very pretty. I love it all especially that green guest room. You can always change colors down the road but you may find you like the colors that are there. I see lots of color coming back. I for one will be happy about it. When I first laid eyes on the dark moody gray at the Auburn house I wasn't sure, but it has grown on me. No changes coming. I am so happy for you.

Mari said...

Everything looks so nice! I really like the green in the guest room - makes your furniture pop! And that new chandelier is making me jealous!

Jennie in GA said...

Love the new chandelier. You are really making progress.

Mary said...

Your getting everything decorated so quickly!!! Your furnishing and decor from your old home are working great in this one. LOVE the new DR fixture!!