Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Dad and His Princess

 Amelia and Todd treated me and Marvin to a lovely Father's Day lunch at the Freight House in Hartselle. We all love the Freight House. It is located in the old train station at Hartselle,  Marvin got calls from the two boys and we got to FaceTime with Charles and sweet Joshua kept saying, Hey.  You know we have been worried about his hearing and to hear that baby boy speak clearly is such a blessing. 

Tuesday Todd came over and hung up our new smart tv. We have moved into the NEW age.  Frankly we would prefer to remain dinosaurs but we realize that you have to move with the technology. We had been using fire sticks on our old tvs so this one is a treat. It also pulls away from the wall and tilts. Thankful for such a handy son in law!!

I also attended my first Bible Study at our new church and I met some lovely ladies. The study is very good and I look forward to becoming a regular member of this group.   Our priest, Father Merrill, came over to bless our new home. He stayed for dinner and we had a chance to get to know him better.  

Our lives have changed a lot since COVID and now we are having time to slow down and enjoy the changes. Several have asked how we like our new home and we love it. Once we get the garage cleared out we will be settled in. Right now we still have some things in the garage that need to be donated to the thrift store. I need to organize what is left and we have our fingers crossed that we can put BOTH cars in the garage.  

Well that is enough rambling for today....we head to Grimmwood tomorrow. And we bring Audrey home with us for a week on Saturday! I hope my energy holds out.:)


Sandy said...

Great picture of Amelia and Marvin. Sometimes little boys decide when they will do things. Tucker is refusing the haircut right now. He got held down to get it out of his eyes Sunday evening some. He is just not having it. Oh the joys. A week will wear you out yet still lots of time to pour into them. Praying for stamina. You can rest the following week from it.

Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you are settling in to your new home and community, Arlene. What a wonderful picture of Marvin and Amelia! Enjoy your time at Grimmwood and the time with Audrey.

Kim said...

Sounds like things are going well for you and your family. Getting both cars in the garage will be a great accomplishment so soon after moving! Happy Wednesday!

Carol said...

So nice that your daughter lives nearby and that you are loving your new place, Arlene! Oh, my--a week is a long time, but I think girls may be easier to entertain and keep out of mischief than boys. Have fun! ♥

Terri D said...

That is a great photo! I'm glad you are feeling settled in and happy with your home and your new church! Have a blessed time at Grimmwood!! xo

Mari said...

Such a nice photo of Marvin and Amelia! Sounds like a great day, and so sweet to hear Joshua talking. :)
Enjoy the week with Audrey. You will have such fun, but will be tired!

Mary said...

Beautiful photo of father and daughter. I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home,I know your not missing the stairs! Oh, what a wonderful week you will have with Audrey!! Nothing like grandma and granddaughter spending time together. Grandparents are such a special part of a child's youth and I know she will look back on this week later in her life with special memories.