Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Down on the Farm and the River

 Last week we were able to get to Grimmwood for the first time since moving. Believe me, Marvin had a job getting everything mowed. We were happy to see that our Hostas, transplanted from Jackson Way, were flourishing.

It was pretty rainy the whole time we were there. 

Our neighbors across the road have a beautiful view of Fort Mountain but there was fog obscuring the view as we locked the gate and headed for Alabama.

Pardon the power lines but this is the country. No underground utilities.

As we approached Decatur, we took the old route to get to our new address. This involves crossing the Tennessee River just as you enter the city of Decatur. What should we see there but a riverboat? With covid it has been quite a while since one has been spotted on the River.

The boat docks near downtown Decatur where there are shops and eateries.
As you can see from this vantage there are lots of homes and businesses on the river as well. When we lived in Point Mallard we could see the River Boats on the River from one of our upstairs bedrooms. We would hear the calliope playing as it was moving along and we raced upstairs to see it. We are easily amused in the Grimm fam. 

Amelia and her crew have been traveling in New England. I finally got some pics of the teenage grands.

Kendall is still cautious about covid. I was glad to see she lost the mask as the vacation wore on. :) They did some hikes, went on a whale watching expedition and took a cog railway to the top of a mountain in New Hampshire. ( I hope they waved to Mrs T)  They ended their vacation in Rhode Island on the ocean. I hope these kiddos know how fortunate they are to have parents who take them places!


Sandy said...

Those kiddos are indeed fortunate to travel and see so many places in America...not Disney which I have fussed about before. It is good to see the oldest smiling a wee bit. Growing up:)
Jeff and I want to do one of those riverboat cruises up the Mississippi one of these days.

Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful pictures you shared, Arlene! It looks like your crew was having a good time in New England. How fun to see the riverboat return!

Georgia said...

What great Vacation Pictures of Amelia's family. It looks like they all had a great time. Whale watching is on my bucket list. Thank you so much for sharing them. And, as always Grimmwood is delightful, the hostas are beautiful. It is so nice to see America coming back to life:) Many blessings to you and yours my friend.

Mrs.T said...

We've always wanted to do one of those riverboat cruises, too. That, and an Alaskan cruise, would be about the only cruises we'd ever be interested in. Your photos of the riverboat are very alluring. Maybe someday!

The hostas look so happy at Grimmwood!

And the photos of the New England travelers are great. The kids all look as if they are having fun. I'm so curious about the mountaintop photo, though. Only the adults are wearing shoes! Two barefoot kids, two in sock feet -- just wondering how they got to that vantage point without shoes! So happy they could make a trip to our region. Todd and Amelia are so great about traveling with them and taking them to so many amazing places.

Mari said...

We have electric and phone lines here too and they often get in my way when taking pics! The one you shared is pretty anyway. We are big hosta lovers here, yours look very happy in their new home.
Amelia and family look like they are having a great time. That sunset pic is so pretty!

Terri D said...

I can't get over how big the kiddos are!! Time goes too fast! The hostas look great and seem to like their new home! I'm glad you got the Grimmland. Seeing the paddle wheel had to be exciting. Life is starting to feel a bit more 'normal', praise God!! xo

Gina said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! What a delight to hear the calliope and see the boats from your upstairs window. It looks like the family is enjoying their trip to the NE. Rhode Island is beautiful!