Monday, June 14, 2021

Last Room Tour

 I finally got my bedroom unpacked. Some pictures are going to the children, some things are going to be donated and eventually the cozy chair will be moved to my sunroom.

As you enter the bedroom area, there is a nice little hall. The laundry room is off this hall but it is just a laundry room. One bonus is the big utility sink. I have never had one before so it is a treat when it is time to fill up the mop pail.

I am adding a few pieces of cross stitch on this wall. ...along with two special crosses. 
With so few shelves I am using the dresser for photos. 
The blue is a bit more vibrant than the blue on Jackson Way but I am rolling with it. Got some new shades for the bedside lamps. You may see one of the small black chairs in the corner. That helps me clean the lower parts of the room. :)
Cozy chair I love that big window. The previous owner also had nice Roman Shades over the binds. That really makes for good sleeping.
A bathroom is a bathroom...This one does have a nice big shower with glass doors that are much easier to keep clean than the shower at Jackson Way!! We have enjoyed the big cabinet as well. Marvin has the top and I have the bottom shelves. So handy for all the bathroom needs without showing the world all your private things.:) I love the floors...The grout is gray....which is much nicer looking than white that I could never keep clean. 

And some big family news....Niece, Laura is engaged.

Glad to have Nick joining the fam!!


Sandy said...

Congratulations to Laura. Are they planning a country or church wedding? She is such a cutie!
I love the color of the bedroom and that painting above the bed is so pretty. That chair does look like a comfy spot to sit in a quiet corner. You might need to rethink moving that:) That wall outside the bedroom looks like a great place to add some samplers in between the crosses too. I just love it all.
On that flooring that you have...a steamer is a wonderful thing for mopping. I have learned though that I just buy the cheapies. No they won't last but they make life easy. My latest was a change to a Black and Decker one that I found at Lowe's for like $49. I had been using a Bissell found at the grocery store. I love them on the tile.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful master bedroom, Arlene! I love the hallway that leads to it. From the looks of your bathroom, you have separate tub and shower. Congratulations and best wishes to your niece, Laura! What a cute couple! Happy Flag Day!

Dianna said...

Hello Arlene! Your new home is just beautiful. I love the colors in each of the rooms and the hallway leading back to your bedroom truly is the perfect place for your cross wall. Congratulations to your niece and her fella! They definitely look happy.

xx Dianna

sharon said...

Congratulations to Laura! Your new house is lovely and I am amazed how you pulling it all together so quickly. I know you are enjoying it!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The house looks beautiful and I love that nice shade of restful and calming! I'm happy for your niece, that's exciting news for the family! Love seeing the rooms of your home. It seems just your style!

Georgia said...

Oh Arlene, thank you so much for sharing your lovely home, I just love how you have combined art with your cross stitch art they mix so well. I knew you had a "cross wall," But, I never realized you had so many. Congratulations to your beautiful niece and her handsome young man. What a beautiful couple. The wedding will be amazing:) Again, thank you so much for sharing, and to Sandy for her tips on cleaning the floor:) You all have such great ideas. Many blessings to you and yours my friend.

Terri D said...

Congratulations to Laura!! How great! Arlene, your bedroom is so pretty and that bathroom is more than 'just a bathroom'! Nice storage and amenities! I am so happy for you in your new lovely home. Thanks for the tours! Your cross wall looks great in that hallway! Have a blessed week! xo

Mari said...

Congrats to Nick and Laura!
I love seeing your cross stitch in the hallway, along with your crosses. Your bedroom is very pretty and I like the bathroom too.
I've enjoyed the home tour!

Gina said...

Congratulations to Laura and her guy! So exciting and much to look forward to!

Love your hallway crosses and cross stitches. Your bedroom looks so cozy. The blue is pretty! Oh I wish I had a cupboard like that in my bathroom! Very nice!