Friday, June 4, 2021

Sun Room

 I love  sun rooms. I have always thought it would be the perfect stitching room. So when we looked at this house and saw it had a sun room I was in heaven. 

My new furniture arrived today. 

This is the view coming in the back door. I do hope to get some new upholstery for the glider rocker. It belonged to Amelia...she rocked Kendall and Landon in it and gave it to me for the man cave. We all enjoy rocking in it. It is a very comfortable chair. However, right now it is rather dingy. I do need to get some  sofa cushions for the sofas. I will be looking for something bright as the sofas are neutral. 

My new tv stand. I love it and all its chippy beauty. I can put my dvd player inside along with some of my dvds.  I will move the white coffee table into this room as well. The grands will love using it for games, art etc. 

My armoire will hold some of my cross stitch supplies. 

Deborah and I went to Andersons Consignments and I found the little end table on sale. It is rather beat up but I am thinking of painting it with chalk paint.  I love the brass lamps I found at Andersons as well. Brass is back Ya'll.

Speaking of is the base of the lamp I found at Andersons.

I just love the Pottery Barn look. I was able to use the shade from my old lamp.  So far Marvin has not even noticed it is different. I am starting a count down to see how many days it takes him to see that the base of the lamp is totally different. I put the old lamp in my attic, thinking I might want to use it some other time. 

Thanks for visiting the sun room. You will find Nana stitching there!!


Sandy said...

Well I know where I will find you on any given day at home. It is just lovely and bright. Those gliders are all still the comfy chair that everyone goes for.. It looks fine to me...just throw a bright throw across the back. If you do need new cushions, I found a company in Ohio that made cushions for them. Remember when I found Lindsay's for the baby room on the street. I did hers in a giraffe coloring but zebra stripe print. I found them by searching with the internet. The room is just perfect. If we wait long enough all comes back. I have seriously almost bought several brass things when we are strolling through the antique malls. I love it.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, I love your sunroom. What a warm, cozy, and inviting space! The glider rocker looks at home there. Enjoy your sunroom!

Georgia said...

I think this is my favorite room in the whole house. It is so cheerful and inviting. The Grands will love it. I think I also saw some cross stitch on the walls:) Thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings to you and yours my friend:)

Mrs.T said...

What a beautiful, functional room!

My great aunt made traditional hand hooked rugs. She worked on them always in her sun room. A perfect light-filled space for stitching of any kind.

We have an older glider rocker too. So comfortable!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love a sun room too. We call ours a lanai but it's really a Florida room or sun room. It's where I spend lots of my day! Love your new furniture...looks comfy! You even have art are GOOD!

Terri D said...

Your sunroom is beautiful!! Marvin can have his man-cave... your sunroom is perfection! I am happy about your happiness!! That lamp is really pretty. Keep us posted on Marvin's observation skills! xo

Mari said...

What a lovely room! I think I will invite myself over and we can sit and talk there. :)
I really like that lamp. You'll have to let us know when Marvin notices it!

Linda said...

You are making a HOME out of that beautiful HOUSE you bought! It looks wonderful!!

Mary said...

I love your bright and cheerful sunroom, what a great place to stitch!! The lamp is so neat!! I think your accents of blue are perfect.