Monday, June 21, 2021

The Grimmlins at Grimmwood

 Ben took Margaret and Elliott to Grimmwood for a visit over the weekend. Elliott has become quite the fisherman.

Margaret is growing up on me!! 
They went to see Grandma Margie.
I love this picture of Elliott waving at one of Bruce's herd.
Brother and Sister down on the Farm.
I am so glad my grands get to experience some of the country life.

Aunt Kristi and Elliott. Aunt Kristi is feeding the fish and Elliott told her he would catch them.:)


Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like they were having a good time! What memories to make and cherish!

Sandy said...

Sweet pictures Arlene. It is good for them to see the country life and your family. Margaret is growing up. Wow, can we slow time?

Georgia said...

Good Morning Arlene, I always enjoy pictures from Grimmwood. Thank you so much for sharing. Margaret is beautiful and it is wonderful seeing Elliott having so much fun fishing. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week my friend:)

Linda said...

They sure are growing up!!!! Loved seeing the pictures! That's your mother, right? It's a real blessing to your family you sharing Grimmwood. Not all children get to experience what they can do there.
Wishing you and Marvin a good week!! We are still here at the ranch and will be until July 5th!

Terri D said...

Your lovely Grimmwood is such a blessing for your family. Memories being made that will last their lifetimes. Margaret sure is growing up fast, but don't they always? Time goes much too fast. Have a happy, blessed week! xo

Mari said...

Sweet pics! I was scrolling down and before I saw what you wrote under the first pic of Margaret, I thought "Margaret is growing up!_ and then I saw you wrote that very thing.

Kim said...

Beautiful place! Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. Happy Tuesday!

Carol said...

That is great that your family has such a fun place in the country to visit, Arlene! Margaret surely is getting grown up looking--oh, if only time would slow down a bit :)